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  1. @Chris MCongrats for being the first ever to die in border wars 

    1. Chris M

      Chris M

      Does not count server crashed, also 


  2. Finbar

    Police Qilin

    Horizontally imo but it's your design, do what you prefer.
  3. Finbar

    Police Qilin

    Would like to see more reflector texture taking up the sides, other than that however looks good.
  4. When I say this I want to make it very clear that I appreciate all the hard works devs have put in, i understand sqf is a bitch and am appreciative of all the work that has been put in. But if you compare our server to others even the UI looks old and we lack a lot of key features that people look for in 2020, if you’re new to Altis life in 2020 why would you play here if you log on to another server and it has 10 times the features and things to do. I also don’t think many new players will want to RP and probably just play to piss around with friends (not saying rp should change here to clarify) but this does mean that of course we won’t retain these players and that’s okay as they realise this server might not be for them.

    1. Mr Lopez

      Mr Lopez

      That's a violation of man


    2. Finbar


      Next time you have a whiff it’s going straight up 😂😂

  6. As per this report it is clear that ramming vacant and stationary vehicles is against the rules. To me this seems to go against common sense and I personally fail to see how it is reasonable to lockpick a vehicle being used to block a deerstand/DMT/entrance to a place someone is holding giving them a completely unfair advantage? I see this as quite a large issue tbh and feel that being able to ram vacant vehicles in order to move them from a entrance etc should be perfectly allowed provided it doesn't blow up and kill people etc.
  7. Name: DavidGaming Date of the scam: 13/11/20 Scam: Money Proof no proof but @Alex Maximilliancan vouch he 100% scam
    1. ReiSSs


      server must of been lagging

    2. Nuclear


      What ever since Kieron has been back?

    3. ReiSSs
  8. If you’ll accept it i’ll do 1.5 mil starting bid 2 seems a bit steep for me tbh
  9. im a charity case myself at this point only got 15 mil left
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