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  1. +1 Clyde's vocabulary choice makes my day. I want a sat-nav with him directing me
  2. Haha yeah, i struggle to fly the Mohawk (i crashed landed it into Kavala). Nevermind something like that.
  3. If you dont have much man dont worry about it. We've been helped by the police many times, to so we are even haha. Its appreciated but dont go out your way
  4. Thankyou again, thats a terrific amount of money and it will be spent carefully to keep operations and our base going. Thankyou for your appeal Mr Mayor! As for the meeting, Kavala City Centre or Airport is fine with me at any point this evening.
  5. We turned up out of confusion as did our police friends probably When someone parks a blackfish in a carpark by an airport? (Bit like British airways landing a 747 on the M4 near Heathrow) people get curious
  6. We appreciate the kind words and help, we enjoy our jobs and we'll keep helping out.
  7. As Commissioner of the SJAS i cannot tell you how thankful i am for this appeal and the already brilliant statements people are making for donations. The SJAS appreciates all the kind of comments, and without the great staff the service has i can say with complete honesty the service could'nt possibly do as good of job. Thankyou to @Dat Sniper Thou, @PC George, @Larry The Mute, @CaptainScrumpy and @medewerker. These people are an absolute credit to the SJAS. Thanks again.
  8. Shhh soon they'll be investigating us for hobo genocide Hopefully we wont have to poach hobo's at the wedding but to be safe we'll have the harpoon in the van.
  9. Okay i need to clear this up. Larry the mutes role play is a ferrel child. A ferrel child cannot speak and hasn't developed vocal chords to communicate language. So lots of people refer to Larry as an animal, and thats why i said 'smell'. At the time i had just crashed my SUV unluckily into a wall, and i said when Dat and Larry pulled over to laugh at me that i was going to drive my SUV with both of its front wheels gone to the Garage. They carried on there way down the road to kavala and i pulled in at the fuel station, and thus taken hostage. I told them prior to it id catch up to them in kavala, and when i didnt and went they couldn't pick me up on te radio and GPS they came back and saw the situation. I can see why that looks shady but thats only through my metaphorical wording. Hope that clears it up.
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