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  1. Dear Admins PLF Borris has opened an un-ban appeal Your In-game name: Borris Vagin Your Steam Profile ID: 76561197995309037 Your GUID or Steam ID: 37a52cb888be35df3db1c3e906e86aa Date & Time you was banned:: unsure Admin that banned you (Check ban message when you connect to the servers): Wilco In your own words, Why do you think you was banned: Because I spoke to an admin in an impolite manner Please copy and paste the rule you think you broke: 1D) An admin may ban any member from the servers and community at any time if they are considered disruptive to the community or we have valid
  2. Well Wilco im not trying to make any drama. I asked about one person, and you answerd evrything else. About Vlad, my brother and best friend, got banned for beeing a gentelman, and saying goodbye, and he actually thanked you for the chanse you gave him. If you read his post. but as I say, im not trying two make any drama, I asked about one person, and you answerd evrything else. In my eyes it's you who makes drama over and over again.
  3. That is why people like Vlad got banned? After leaving with a nice goodbye message, and then getting banned for "potential" advertising. He left, and did not mention anything about what he were gonna do in the future. He did not advertise anything other than telling the friends he made here, what he were gonna do after they asked him. That will be the same as putting people in jail for crimes they might commit. But hey, thats normal isn't it
  4. Everything I've worked hard for, is now gone My family has been sent away in a banana boat, and I'm all alone on the island. And now the government is trying to take from me my own home as I and my family have built up. I therefore ask the full support of all to keep my part of the island. a chance to build up my family again. Ensuring that the island still has a family with a bunch talented people. So what did you think? Deserves Borris Vagin to start all over again? Vote4Borris !
  5. RIP Dj Borris That Party pooper ! Hes name ingame is Shepherd yeah =)
  6. all rebels ? Think you should be careful now.
  7. Better password? That sure help against key loggers dont it -.- L2 computer
  8. Trying that now, and hope for the best. I think the problem woud be that I never loged out from my account. And at least a few years ago, you coud not be on the same steam account on two locations. So I wonder how they were able to do this.
  9. Name of the person i'm reporting (in-game name): Jack Time & Date this happened: 2015-01-13 08:08 pm Description of what happened: Breaking RP. Continued talk after he is dead, and in side chat to. Have you tried to resolve with the player before posting?: No Video evidence here:
  10. hmm ... i dont really like this :S Is it really not possible to find a happy medium ?
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