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  1. Thank you, This does explain to me the priority of the changes, I am by no means trying to be negative about the work done by the devs. I fully appreciate that they work hard and do it of their own free will for free. All of the work the have done has been phenomenal. I wasn't saying they don't care either. but i see how this may have been seen. It would seem that the people I am close to in the city and spend time with the most do not have the same view as the majority and i apologise for assuming that we were the consensus, my circle don't find the vehicles to be as important or a key part in the city. They find the interaction with others and the ability to RP "Live" and work a key feature. I apologise for misunderstanding the main focus and If I have offended anyone, I am sorry that you got offended.
  2. You see, I'm not sure that any staff or mgt actually read these posts any more. I still am none the wiser about what is going on economically in the city. I am still waiting for an official answer And honestly i don't think I'll get one. It feels like now that the dev team etc are only interested in clothing and car updates not actually balancing the economy of the city. We need to fix the foundations not put more frills on. Why are we even putting these changes in to give us more car and clothing options when quite frankly no-one will be able to afford them. Or is this a way to allow police to easily identify those who are criminals? Only those who are involved in illegally activity will afford them.
  3. I have questions about the direction the city is taking? I would like to open with the statement that I am by no means disparaging the RPUK server. I am merely voicing my concern and wondering if I am Missing something. Are we trying to force the majority of players who aren't NHS, Police or super Rich business owners in to the life of crime or gang life? The reason I ask this is because The majority of legitimate work now costs the employee money to perform. My examples, Trucking : Fuel deliveries are not profitable (if they even pay at all) Taxi driving : The fuel cost outweighs the fair payment. Fruit Picking : Doesn't Ripen so unusable. Fishing : Profit - Time Spent has become non profitable. Park Ranger : Is the most reasonable option however the progress is very slow and still the fuel for the truck costs more than the payments as the journeys are huge. however there are still unusable items (Leather) which have no use. The only people now to be able to make an honest living are, NHS, Police or Those who are already rich and own a business. There does not seem to be any viable "Legal" Jobs to make an honest living. I am very interested to hear if anyone has any feedback on this topic. Many Thanks Thanatos
  4. What an absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish. Vincent was an absolute Professional and very knowledgeable about the areas in which he showed us around. we gave him a budget and some guidelines and he found the perfect property for us. We viewed multiple properties and decided on this beautiful beach house which we fell in love with almost instantly. I would recommend him to anyone looking to Buy or Sell as he is quick reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks man T and A
  5. Man with the nicest voice in the city! God Bless (looking at your profile now I know how to spell your name!)

    1. Shepherd Kingston

      Shepherd Kingston

      I knew Mr Callaghan could not of been the only one to think this 😄

    2. Thanatos


      Well, thank you so very much!

    3. Omar Farrell
  6. Me + You. Roleplay the night away. #ComeBackOrigNHS

  7. Congratulations to you all, the best of luck to you in your new found positions within the community. Thanatos
  8. You should now Sir be in possession of my cinematic marvel. Please do not discard it like a soggy Kleenex! Thanatos
  9. Enough of the jealousy @Kris!, I told you before in the RAF we "check" in we don't "Dig" in! Also don't expect us to work weekends or after 4 pm Monday to Thursday or after lunch on a Friday. @Vladic Ka
  10. I too like to remain quiet and not rock the boat but on this occasion i have to step up. I completely concur with you Sean and second your opinion. Please give her the chance she deserves and give her the opportunity to prove that she can be the asset to this community that I believe she can be. Thank you Thanatos
  11. On a lovely shift working as a medic on the beautiful island of Altis i found myself responding to some emergency requests in and around the Police Station. Once my duties had been performed i thought i would acquaint myself with this wonderful building. I decided to do a bit of exploring and happened to come across a most intriguing and beautiful hunting trophy. I had never seen the likes of such a well mounted monument in all of my days. This was truly a sight to behold. I suggested to the officers at the station that they should pose in front of their new found marksmanship prize and they of course obliged so i thought i would share them here for your enjoyment. Thank you for reading Thanatos
  12. You can only transport these items in a backpack or boat so a strider would be useless. Just for your info.
  13. I agree with you @Radioactivshark I wouldn't mind it taking me a full 4 hours if i had a large storage capacity in my boat i did have fun doing it but it doesn't seem to be profitable enough.
  14. So, as i had read on the forums the exciting prospect of trying out a new money making scheme (Clams/Pearls) had been implemented. I also read that this was highly profitable. On my jolly way i went with a rented motorboat (which i named Amphitrite) to seek out these rare oceanic beauties to earn my fortune. After around 15 mins I arrived at the clam bed armed with my scuba gear and ruck sack dreaming of the untold fortune that could await me below, I dive down to the point of almost pitch black and start to search for these elusive bivalve mollusc hoping to find a glistening jewel of the sea. Fantastic, I had found 8 brine dwelling shellfish to place in the trunk of my boat, one more trip to the salty depths and back again and I was carrying all I could. Back in to Amphi I go, my GPS set to lead me to the Clam processing the smell of salt in my nostrils and the wind blowing across the top of my shiny wet suit hood I full throttle all the way around the coast avoiding being shot near the Red zone twice and running in to treasure hunting pirates at the treasury ship wreck. Being alone at sea starts to take it's toll, I tell Amphi "i'm sure that after an hour and a half, this is going to be a great haul." I talk to the clam opening chap while he processes my catch, he ensures me that the pearls which he found inside will fetch me a pretty penny however i should be careful as the altis pearl buyer is very close to the MPU . By now I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation I AM GOING TO BE RICH! Unless i get stopped at the last hurdle by an oceanic blueberry. Map marked and GPS set again I make my way back past the gold hunting pirates and the rebel gun fire of the Red Zone towards my final destination. My head is reeling trying to work out how much the just short of 3 hours work will bag me. I know i can make £300k in 30 mins doing some of the legal jobs so this will be BIG! I approach the area with great caution as not to alert the police, my heart is pounding in the belief i have scored big. I have been shot at, almost crashed in to a couple of other boats and now i am so close to the police i am sure to lose it all. The buyer greets me with a stern cold stare i think to myself "this guy is not for bartering just accept the price he gives you." I sell my first white shiny sea orb £18,000! My god that is a lot for 1 item but then i realize i only have 16 i quickly calculate that in 3 hours i have made £288,000. Now i'm not sure if there is a larger vessel i can use or if i'm not pushing the throttle hard enough but i was feeling kind of cheated. yes £18,000 is a high price for an item but when you are limited to the small amount you can carry in such a slow moving vehicle over such a large distance it makes it highly unprofitable especially if i could end up with a hefty fine or jail time. At this point i decide that I have had enough for the night and wanted to share my story with you all. So i guess this is just a story to enable you to judge for yourself if the life of a clam rustler is for you. Admins/Devs could the storage be increased or the journey made shorter / quicker? I actually enjoy the sea work and would love this to be used to it's fullest potential. Thanks for reading Thanatos
  15. The legend of Mr Johnny Stretch begins. Praise be Mr J S.
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