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  1. I will leave it to admins to decide whether a full clip is necessary.
  2. From the report a player guide: 'Like many of our other support forums, we will require at least one form of physical proof (i.e a video or screenshot) so we can make the best judgement possible. Video evidence must show context surrounding a situation, therefore you must supply 2-3 minutes of footage before the initial rule break occurs. Failure to provide this length of footage could cause the report to be denied, regardless of what footage is presented.' The tiny streamable snippets with barely any sound don't fairly represent the situation, please provide a full clip.
  3. Do you have a full 3-5 minute clip of the situation?
  4. This would be really annoying if trying to buy a barn with a 999,999 limit
  5. Hello, I'm Little Lez from the video. As you can see I was friendly as I approached you, there were a decent number of GB at the fob and we were mainly waiting to go to zones or just having fun. You guys seem on edge with your guns out and I leave you. I change my mind and decide to deal with you, and start antagonising you by disabling your heli. You reply by insulting me, I believe it was the size of my cock, and then just repair your heli. This made me think you might have backup on the way and so were waiting for them to arrive to start a gunfight. I disable your heli again and you run at
  6. Poseidon are just bored and have been for a while, not their fault just not much for them to do
  7. Aethon

    Money from kills

    I understand the exploit (kill friend, revive, repeat) but this definitely reduces the rewards as not everyone will bleed out/die when shot. Unless exploiting like that was super widespread or there was some other more powerful exploit possible the old system seems better tbh, and it should be pretty easy to catch people doing that.
  8. Am I getting my money back now that the price of viper has been reduced?

  9. Aethon

    Main Priority

    No idea who is downvoting this I don't know if it's the server box or the scripts or the buildings or whatever but I get 70fps on other altis life servers at 130 players, and 35 on RPUK with 60. For those who say they get decent fps please compare to other servers, fact is RPUK performance has always been an issue and it definitely puts people off, and if you can figure out what's causing it you'd make a lot of players very happy.
  10. Aethon

    (Main) Redzone Spawns

    This is nice but the only concern for me is that police/AR will now have 0 downside to dying and will pack the zones 24/7 with no way to get rid of them while rebels still face a large money drain. If this happens I would like to see zone rewards increased for rebels so that zones remain profitable. Tbh I don't think closer spawns needed, just add advanced to the viper ship.
  11. Welcome back Lez ❤️

  12. Aethon

    Reduce Ziptie prices

    Nah cheaper/free
  13. Aethon

    Reduce Ziptie prices

    I see a lot of faction responses who don't realise quite how expensive zipties can be, just 3 zipties per loadout is already 45k, and it's easy to spend multiple millions on zipties in a week I'm guessing the high price is to discourage newer players from ziptying everyone they see which is fine, problem is that rebels are less likely to carry zipties and so more likely to have to lethal people, I've been in multiple situations where some poor sod got domed because nobody had any zipties - I wouldn't mind if viper holders got them for free tbh, but 5k would be a massive improvement +1
  14. Who can't see spikestrips lmao not a problem unless you're doing 300kmh
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