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  1. @BowenWhy were gang channel rules made way more strict, just means less gangs will apply and more will use discord
    mega cringe no meme channels

    1. Bowen


      The rules are exactly the same as the old ones, just changed to match Malden and condensed to one post.

  2. Wasn't trying to roach you, I wasn't carrying a gun. Was getting ready for my friend to defend me if you killed me, which you did, and he did. Not out to ban anyone but reporting seems the only thing that gets you lot to liason. Like I said am still happy to resolve if you'd like.
  3. Report a player Your In-game Name: Chief Wiggem Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: Banci Which server did the incident take place on: Malden Life Date of the incident: 07/24/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 1800 What best describes this incident ?: RDM Please (in detail) describe the incident: Relic tracered my heli while flying to rebel stronghold, I land on a nearby hill to comply and they continue shooting while I'm landed. I remind them in OOC of the 'land or leave' rule but they keep shooting until Banci eventually kills me. They then steal and scrap my helicopter. Asked multiple times for a liason but was ignored and relic continue to chat shit in OOC so I felt a report made sense. I am still happy to resolve the situation if I'm comped for the lost heli. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/2a7Sr23OtL0 This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  4. Resolved with 750k comp agreed, will confirm when paid.
  5. I've paid 500k comp after agreeing to it in TS, don't really know what Andre is on about I'm sure you can check logs somewhere
  6. sent him 500k since that's all he wanted smh vulcan used to be cool
  7. I've been in TS but I can't find you anywhere, I asked your gang yesterday but none of them replied Come to TS or ping me on discord or something if you want to sort a time, Aethon#1429
  8. I'll be on anytime past 8, I'm sure we can arrange something. As for the report, you clearly are reporting me for RDM whatever you've written, as the 'fail rp' in your eyes is you being killed. Regardless, a longer clip is important as yours clearly starts in the middle of a conversation and as I've said I can't perfectly remember what happened before, and I don't see how a fair judgement can be made without this information. I'd like to add that filihut most definitely is involved in this report as he was there the whole time - just because your clip only shows after you've already killed him doesn't mean he wasn't in the situation.
  9. Have you got a longer video mate? I had a bit to drink last night but that wasn't the start of the situation from what I recall, you knew me and filihut were friends and killed him in front of me after all of us had been talking and exchanging threats. I provided more rp after the fact because I didn't want a boring situation but you lot kept being hostile and I got a bit sick of it and shot you both. Like I said I can't remember the exact situation beforehand so if you have a clip that'd be great so I know what happened. What I do remember is everyone getting defibbed and everything being friendly enough while I left, if you'd contacted me then in any way I'm sure we could have resolved the situation before the need for a report. That being said I'd be happy to resolve it in TS if you'd like to come, if you can explain what happened and I feel you've been wronged I'll just comp you for your gear.
  10. +1 would make friday night a lot busier and way more enjoyable for rebels
  11. It's been over 5 days since your message and this officer is still (shockingly) employed in the police and carrying firearms, can this report be actioned soon please?
  12. Sadly doesn't show where I was shot but I was so far out of the zone that the rocks I ended up on were actually closer. This clip also starts midway through the start of the gunfight, I was behind the rock I ended up on when I first took pings. Your earplugs in the last video are in so deep you can barely hear my qilin even when I'm right next to you, but I was getting pinged outside of the zone by your group much less than five minutes before. You are clearly relaying my position and spotting me, I don't see how you think you weren't involved, and as I've said will leave this one to admins.
  13. From my perspective I enter the zone with two friends, drive around for a bit, decide to leave for laundry and as I leave get sprayed at until I'm at least 100m outside of the zone. I go behind the hill to take cover and drive up to the rocks just outside the edge of the zone and take more fire. A minute or two later I see a ghillie with a hunter spotting from the rocks behind. I decide to drive up to the spotter and kill him as I've already been shot at multiple times outside the zone and you are clearly involved with your gun out looking at everyone. There is clearly still an active gunfight as you can hear from the recent shots. I also knew for a fact you are friends with the group in zone as you were out of your hunter repairing right next to them. You state in the video that you are going to shoot me if I keep shooting which just tells me we are both aware this is still an active situation. I would like to refer to this post made by Matt: Here it is clearly stated that one can deem a player involved in a gunfight if "The person has been seen with a visible weapon either on their back or in their hands (this does not include holstered pistols) in the immediate vicinity of the gunfight." Not only were you going to set up with your hunter, you also pointed a weapon in my direction. Even if you had been just walking around with your gun on your back, i would have been able to shoot you. Firstly, do you have a longer video? The minute or two before your clip starts should show my qilin being shot at as I leave, and the fact that your video is 4:05 suggests you've cut this section out intentionally. Secondly, you did not try to resolve the situation. You asked me to come to lobby, I explained why I shot you, and you said 'I've had enough I'm reporting you'. You didn't listen to anything I said. To me it seems so obvious you were involved I'm surprised you even decided to report, I was happy to explain the situation to you but you seemed convinced you had been victimised somehow. I will leave it to admins to decide whether you were involved in this gunfight.
  14. I don't think you can explain firing and missing over 115 rounds in a row as 'arriving too late', you say you have extensive training but yet missed every bullet on your supposed target? Even for a non-firearms officer this would be incredibly inaccurate, especially when set up to shoot. Either the training you received was exceptionally poor (which would be a serious issue within itself) or you did in fact hit your intended target and used wild spraying to cover it up. Regardless there is no way that firing so many bullets in the direction of police hostages is standard procedure and you were clearly not acting in accordance with your duties as an officer at the time.
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