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  1. Hello... who dis?

    1. VVITCH


      Hello, who you?

  2. Vehicle: Itali GTO Current Speed (If applicable): 120 New Speed (If applicable): 140-160 would be nice Modification Issues: N/A
  3. I give admins permission to look it up to prove it
  4. Are you actually that full of yourself? Seriously..... The Cringe is real here
  5. I'd honestly love to see, dynamic locations. ( Drugs, rebel/advance, Poseidon base) it not only gives the police a reason to stop and search on trucks, but gives NCA a reason to do drug patrols across the whole island). Poseidon will not have a set location ( there are so many locations across the map where we can have small hideouts to spawn and buy gear, makes no sense to have a location so everyone knows where they live). Rebel/advance moving every restart also gives NCA to patrol more across the island. On top of removing them being seen by police, It would honestly bring new life to ille
  6. + 1 I really love this idea, I believe the server needs it.
  7. Your In-game name Atles Atlas Name of the player(s) you are reporting CI Ant Arni Date of the incident 22/05/19 Time of the incident (GMT) 1900 What best describes this incident ? Poor/Low Quality RP Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident EDIT (1837): Sorry for not the best audio quality, at the time i did not know my ingame was not turned fully up. So leading up to this situation the police were constantly causing us issues, which then lead over towards checkpoint.
  8. I'd devour a bag ghost chills for less before. Escape is a good game
  9. ill buy a blasting charge

  10. x25 = 9,375,000 Already getting the discount amount by going over 10 Charges No less that that
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