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  1. Kora is correct by saying that there was an active situation at the Salt Trader including myself and a few other group members, however, we were all fired upon and our numbers were unbeknown to them. Executing people during battle does not establish an end to the situation, I was still present and had to reposition, all the while we still had eyes on the opposition. Kora seems to think that because he physically can't see anyone, then the gunfight must be over, which was a mistake and only lead to his demise. This revenge report is unprecedented and pathetic, hence my comments during our conversation in Teamspeak, in which he threatened to report me. Mistakes were made by Kora and his group members, thinking that the situation was over, when in fact, they had not officially wiped us out at that time. During this whole fiasco, Kora decided to combat store money in a house that he owned, right next to the Salt Trader, another mistake. I'm sure we can all agree that not all gunfights/active situations resolve perfectly and there were degrees of uncertainty on both sides, regarding who was still present and what exactly happened to the money that was stolen, however, this report was made out of spite, simply because he ended up getting the short end of the stick.
  2. 500k is basically scrap value you melt xD Actual smooth brains.
  3. Items available: 2x Police AR Hunter 1x Police NCA Hunter 1x Police Command Hunter 1x Civilian Hunter (Green) 8x Police Prowler 53x Spike Strips IGN: Dest1ny
  4. Hello! It's me the anonymous buyer, just checking my bid for 15,000,000 gold pieces is still valid? #beatdacase
  5. No-one: 10 Million Me: Indiscriminate nudes of myself, wearing different kinds of hats
  6. Teddy Winkle is the apparition of what lives inside all of our hearts.
  7. No-one: 500k Me: 10 pack of Bud Light
  8. I do not have a longer video. Disappointing. No further comment.
  9. I did not "quote" any specific rules being broken I simply stated that it was RDM - Random Death Match, meaning that in a random act of your misjudgment you decided to make a sport of both me and "esbens" death, this is good enough cause for any unbiased invigilator to assume that this was a degree of RDM. There was no justification for "drowning" us as you put it, neither do you offer a reasonable explanation as to why we were subjected to it. Secondly trying to insinuate that I offered poor RP, to which resulted in my death to excuse the fact that I already said you offered poor quality RP is very disappointing... I said nothing because if you want to get technical in a RP situation like this I could not say anything as I was already underwater. There is no specific guidlines for attempting to "resolve" this issue and I simply stated that I tried to resolve our differences before you dragged us out to sea and ultimately killed us. I was trying to prevent both me and "ebsen" from becoming victims of your power hungry assault. My report doesn't need to be extremely throrough as I have video evidence of what you did and I've given everything to this forum that has been required.
  10. If you have any evidence of me running you over and telling you to "shut up", please provide it. If you do not then nothing you say has any credibility. My attitude has nothing to do with the simple fact that you murdered both me and "ebsen" who you fail to mention in your report. I will entertain the fact that I needed "Military pass" for accessing the Rebel Outpost, however I did not purchase any goods neither did I say I would not go a buy one if I wanted to buy anything from that Trader. I was simply showing the young gentleman where the Trader was and what he needed to Trade with the Rebel Outpost. You showed very poor RP and regardless of what you or I, did or say, there was no reason to commit that atrocity. Not to mention me and "ebsen" were both unarmed. Do you wish to continue lying or would you please clarify as to why he was also subjected to your behaviour.
  11. I attempted to resolve this issue in game via voice chat and we had a discussion about whether or not I needed a Military pass to be at the Rebel Outpost. I had already been informed by other Posiedon members that a Military pass was only necessary if I purchased a weapon or intended on selling weapons myself. "Krepy" was adamant that I need a Military pass anyway no matter what the senario and I rejected his opinion, he then proceeded to murder both me and "ebsen".
  12. Your In-game name Dest1ny Name of the player(s) you are reporting Krepy Date of the incident 23/08/18 Time of the incident (GMT) 17 What best describes this incident ? RDM Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident I was at the Rebel Outpost helping a gentleman with his questions about how to purchase weapons and clothing. I had already purchased my pass from the Posiedon Office and began telling this individual "esben" that he had to go back to Pygros and purchase a Military pass if he wishes to buy guns from the Rebel Outpost. Krepy arrives and begins his questioning as to who we are and why we were there. I told him that I was helping this young gentleman who seemed new at the time, and we were then both then put in restraints because we didn't have the Military pass. I had the Traders pass and did not have any weapons on me what so ever, not even a pistol, neither did I have the intention of purchasing any weapons, just simply there to browse. I was informed by another member of Posiedon that I did not infact need a Military pass to be there, just to carry and buy weapons. Krepy then drove us to the beach and murdered both me and ebsen. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://youtu.be/Q1HEtWc2H4k This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
  13. Instead of logging out in that specific situation I would put my hands up and await RP instruction.
  14. I would follow the correct RP scenario and play by the rules and regulations of engagement.
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