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  1. They have been turned into forks and spoons for children in Tanoa mate
  2. PC Akula

    Police Qilin

    why not replace some like there does not really need to be 3 hunter skins for the same vehicle
  3. add the ability to spawn at advanced weapons and cheaper gear during border wars
  4. https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Prestige_Shop
  5. maybe i am wrong but cops can remove a firearms license and drivers license which are legal
  6. maybe try get a cop to remove them
  7. You can give your money to me so I can I can dispose of it for you
  8. No it has been sold
  9. Why not limit cops to like 20 with command and armed response piority then the rest of the cops who don't get a slot have the option to play rebel for the restart
  10. The full video from start to finish would proberly show him giving intel to the other cops as we were being followed also at 0:15 you are encouraging the other cops to shoot even though no prior initiation was given by anyone which would have been rdm
  11. You hitting into the wall totaled your car causing me to hit the back of you due to you being clueless on your driving. How is it intentional from me to purposely crash into you
  12. https://gyazo.com/2660ac98617414a6838b3868daf3ce524 even your own gyazo shows your bad driving which caused the rtc
  13. Your not looking where your driving and crash into a wall. You then aborted to lobby as we were going to take you away in a vehicle blackfish and you was giving infomation to your teammates
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