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  1. I don’t see how you can say you base yourself of high Role-play when you pretty much said in game that you was hotmicing the whole situation? This isn’t altis mate... and the fact you’re saying you don’t know who the guy in the ambulance was is obviously a complete lie, I already knew you was in a different form of communication as when you spoke I could hear others from your mic. So don’t try and go down the route of trying to say you didn’t know the guys, if you didn’t know them, why were they saying that we shouldn’t rob there guy and such after shooting us when not even involved? Makes me laugh. And trying to hide the fact you didn’t have a deagle? You literally admitted to having one but you weren’t going to drop it due to the fact it was “your first deagle”... pathetic tbh, and the fact you’re saying we had no intention to role play with you? We asked you multiple times to drop what you had with a gun clearly pointed at your head yet you try and kill time? Your decision making at the point was poor. So don’t try and go down the road and switch your story up, worst bit of role play and value to life I’ve seen from a group which base them self of off high role play, sort it out. Nor do I understand your complaint about us talking in a different communication? In what way did we use it to benefit us? We already had full control of the situation as it was just you... all what was said in the communication was the fact you’re taking the piss really? I mean it isn’t like we used our communication to call others over to the situation and get involved as you clearly did?
  2. I was involved in this situation, im not usually one to comment or get involved in reports, but, due to the fact these guys went against a lot of rules, I thought id make a comment. It started at the mine smelter, with me and Joe the Hammer, Which Jay, the guy being reported was also at, At some point for whatever reason, Jay had his weapon out at the mine smelter, hence why I knew he had the deagle in the first place. Moving onto where the video starts, As seen Daniel is clearly asking Jay to drop his weapon, as well as cash, in which Jay decides that his weapon is way more valuable to him than his life, so decides to try and drop his money, in which he says that the money is in his truck, clearly bullshit... to avoid losing his weapon. After asking multiple times, even before the video starts (We only started recording at that point since we knew he was going to be a problem) Daniel decides to shoot him, as he isnt doing as we say and ask for. For whatever reason, when i get into his truck, he starts to complain that he locked it, which makes 0 sense as why would he be trying to lock it whilst dead?... After this, i run off to bank my money, and come back. When im back, Jay clearly doesnt care, as his just saying youre making a big mistake, which in my mind his clearly been hotmicing to his mates that he has been robbed and killed. Now, this is where i have a problem, he clearly has come into the FiveM server, with the Altis mentality, at what point does he think that its okay to let his friends know that his been robbed and killed? And that it is okay for them to just come over and kill us? at no point did he say that he has friends, and no point did he get his phone out and let his friends know, so my question is, how did they know he was being robbed and then shot dead? As well as this, whilst he was downed, a person, obviously his friend, then arrives in an NHS ambulance, which was stolen, now looking back at it, i just assumed it was an actual NHS member due to them coming so quick as well as coming right to Jay, I also just assumed the uniform was bugged, hence why we told him to F off... This is when i decide to leave and drive around the corner to have a look who is shooting as Joe the hammer was shot and killed. When i drove around the corner, i noticed the ambulance parked against the building, where you could access the roof of the jewellers, where i think he was shooting us from as well as shooting me dead when i got around the corner. These guys clearly dont understand the rules, even trying to explain it to them. I believe there to be 3/4 involved but we couldnt get there tags or names. But, regardless, this was still Poor RP from Jays point of view.
  3. im having the same issue, along with 5 of us
  4. Yeah I’ve had the same issue trying to donate yesterday, I can purchase the 20 pound one but just not the 10, same exact message
  5. Typical day in Kavala as NHS... 🤑 


  6. Hopefully you have some NHS units on standby, I’ve seen a lot of people on this island, not quite the fittest!
  7. @MrSnuffles probably isn’t something for you
  8. Hahahaha, I was about to land and I get hit up my ass at full speed...
  9. @Charlie Fox will you be on tonight around 10 to 12am?
  10. I will be able to from 10pm GMT tonight, so if @Charlie Fox is able to be around that time he can screenshot or record me giving him his compensation
  11. I completely understand you cannot file reports on others. And I accept everything that you say. I just don’t want actions to be taken out on me which will result in me getting banned; especially as I have just been accepted into the NHS and was looking forward to being part of such a big team. I’m more than happy to compensate for the lose in your gear, money isn’t an issue for me. As long as you’re happy with that. I don’t want to be seen as a player that RDM’s, because I don’t. This is the first time this has happened within the 6+months I’ve been on this server. Again, I apologise. And I agree to compensate you. I will be on tonight, around 10pm GMT. If you’re happy with that.
  12. A teamspeak conversation is in the footage that he provides, it shows that we spoke about it and that I explained my situation, in which he understood, and gave his opinion. I apologised as well as saying before leaving that if he needs me again just ask for me to come back to TS. Which he never did. It’s in the last minutes of his footage. Hence why I don’t understand the report. We spoke and sorted it.
  13. And to prove that point, the guy that killed me was Poseidon, moments after, the same guy also shoots down one of Charlie’s crew, if not more. I just don’t understand why the report is even happening when I was the only one to join Charlie’s TS to sort it out, everything seemed fine when we spoke and I even offered to him that if he has further questions or needs my help in gaining more access to the situation that he could ask for me to come to TS again. A day later after that, this report comes up, I just don’t understand it
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