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  1. 140 is too many for some people let alone anything higher.
  2. nah only got a headset and mic thx anyways
  3. this is what i have been trying but i have realtek audio and none of them work i have unistalled realtek but then i hear no sound .Thanks tho i will try this with realtek uninstalled EDIT-turns out that realtek is necessary because its the chip or something in my motherboard
  4. Okay 2nd post here this week but, my mic isnt working the mic 100% works as when i check sound in discord settings it lights up but other than that nothing works aswell im getting no playback any suggestions to how i could fix this problem?
  5. That lowest graphic thing is surprising
  6. cheers m8 im gonna smash fuck outta my old hdd.
  7. Any suggested programs? Okay thanks you
  8. Do you reckon your processor will be better than a same priced i7?
  9. Ok so I have had this problem for a while now and is getting kinda in playble .It seems whenever I am in combat i drop from 40-60fps down to 5 and I was wondering what should help (I have my graphics down) I’m gonna be upgrading to an SSD and be getting 8gb more ram will that work if not how could I fix this? specs:
  10. Pretty good build there buddy maybe get a smaller HDD and bigger SSD ,you might wanna change to a gtx 1060/70 as shadow play is very useful.
  11. U just saved me a lot of money
  12. dude u can RP that so easy i have done it 3 times and got all the bags ,if anyone wants to know how to RP it pm me.
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