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  1. Want the money? Come get the money Usually hang around Airport & Kavala. Got ammo with your name on it
  2. Recently I have noticed the Saltflat Stage, It would be cool to have an event there since It gets used very little
  3. Laptop > a spare £1,100 idk but it seems to work gotta do what I gotta do
  4. Not a clue why its 360p Can a staff member put this in altis life forum
  5. AR hunter - 830k? If thats even worth it (Not sure)
  6. I don’t have one, but really that’s it that happened, I left airport and got followed by him and he initiated, I don’t have a longer clip I’m just reporting for the low RP
  7. I don't have one. But that there was the first vocal encounter after we executed you.
  8. Now I don't see why we would need it. I am sure you can agree that there was no prior RP at the airport when you got your car out.
  9. And why exactly would I need a 5 min clip for Poor Quality Roleplay? U initiated and shot straight away...
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