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  1. I have started a new full time apprenticeship and in-turn I no longer have as much free time as I used to, I played a little lastnight but unfortunately got caught up and wasnt able to pay off the tax for my house in the city, due the 1st May. I am wondering If my house gets repossessed, will my cars parked in there be taken too? I am not worried as much as the house rather than my fairly expensive cars. Any help is appreciated. Cheers.
  2. 2 Hours and 30 Minutes wait on FiveM to get in, owing people money and no taxi time is a bad formula

    1. Nuclear


      Blame cfx, nothing to do with us 😞

    2. NotBailey


      @Nuclearcfx was to blame I should have been more clear hehe


  3. Its good to be back, after a year or two hiatus I finally made it to Los Santos, I never thought it'd be too good as I was too attached to the Altis experience but gave it a crack and I cant believe it took me this long. 

    Its been good to meet some familiar faces and even discuss the old times with some long lost friends, it is very different and took some adjusting to the way Los Santos rolls but there's plenty of new opportunities and improvements on the similar jobs that were on Altis that have been fleshed out and I'm all for it.

    If there's some lads that remember me I'd love to catch up, I'm usually around Auto Exotic when I'm not working the cab. See you all out there.

    1. Zulufighter


      Welcome back, look forward to seeing your around at some point.

  4. I've thrown together a hoodie retexture into a Carhartt hoodie as I feel like we could do with some clothing that your everyday joe could wear, something that is more civilian and not necessarily worn by gang members etc. I feel like it would fit within the FiveM server as I see Carhartt clothing a lot where I live and across the UK as a whole. It would be nice to have some clothes that arent necessarily just the VERY popular brands such as Nike, Adidas and Stone Island as I saw in a staff/dev post the other day talking about branded clothing being added relatively soon. It is my first time ever really delving into modding/retexturing clothes for GTA and would even just like to see if anybody is interested in some brands being added as I have lots of spare time to create some textures. I don't know how to Integrate my retexture into GTA itself but this has been created in OpenIV and if it gathers some interest I will try and work that out. Take a look and let me know what you think
  5. Parents bought and ate Chinese without me. I have never felt more betrayed in my life.

    1. sciencefreak74


      Just do the same back, don't even mention you are buying it just let it show up and eat it.

  6. Don't want to come across as being TOO dedicated to the whole thing or spreading my own creation everywhere. But I have created a billboard suggestion for the server that advertises the Sherpa scheme to any potential new players that are unaware of it. Please check it out here:
  7. NotBailey

    MH-9 Club Camo

    +1 I am not experienced with creating textures myself but I think these look great. They have a stylish look and would go nice alongside the gang uniforms that people use.
  9. Ah yeah, and that too. I am working on some screenshots now.
  10. I can see your reasoning, with rifles being illegal etc. I will try and get some new screenshots.
  11. I think the mistake you made here was both not initiating and not valuing your life. As such in a situation where you where outnumbered and outgunned; you should have valued you life and followed their instructions. If there was no thread in the report a player section about you then I don't know what you could do. I don't think you would have been kicked for being a hobo, although most trolls happen to be Hobos in Kavala, I believe an admin may have had a talk with you first before kicking you but I can't speak on the behalf of the staff team. Have you been previously banned before?
  12. Made the change. Bare in mind the quality of the JPEG has been reduced to save size limitations here on the forum, I don't want to use all of my file space on one image haha. If this get planned to be used I can provide the highest quality image.
  13. Currently, I was considering buying a few computer upgrades so that I am caught up with this generation of parts, and mine are growing considerably older. I have the technical knowhow of building and etc, but I am not experienced in balancing the parts as such as to not create a bottleneck in my performance. I am currently on a last gen motherboard that supports DDR3 RAM. I was thinking of upgrading so that I can run DDR4 RAM and also house a new CPU. Strictly AMD, I was thinking of a Ryzen 7 3700X. Would this create a performance bottleneck with my GPU which is an 4GB MSI AMD Radeon 570X Overclocked?
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