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  1. idk about that one, it was a TFT game
  2. I don't flame anyone, I think you confused me with someone else sir. You can't comment on anyone's ability mate imagine your opgg looking like this lol
  3. I would imagine it's an easy decision to up-vote for anyone outside the police, well since it would be a nerf to the police. And, of course the majority of rebels and Poseidon would most likely want to see that. But is it really a valid reason to get it taken away from the police just because you don't have it? At least before thinking of other options. Like suggesting it gets reverted so that Rebels/Poseidon have a fair chance to get their hands on one too, as it were a while back. We've seen this situation before though between the factions. With one side having something that another s
  4. What are the odds? 🤯

    1. Jamie


      Unfortunate game for me 😂

    2. Proxeum


      Haven't seen you since 2014 and matched up in a league game haha, i just won, had a three star Jhin, his last shot did 32000 damage haha

  5. +1 for rebels, I think it would be a nice change for them. Though i'd say it would probably be best to keep it away from factions, not sure how Poseidon and other cops feel about it, but I feel that it would probably get annoying with the high amount of people that could be potentially giving you keys to various different vehicles all of the time, even when you're not wanting them. Factions would probably end up with like 20+ different vehicles on their key chain.
  6. Did you actually record that on your phone bro?
  7. Oi bigman, wipe the smile off your face

    1. Jamie



  8. @Cool I personally agree and would like to see it removed fully. But if I edit the post I feel it will render some of the points useless and I've mainly thought about the pros and cons of it being removed from just MRAPs. I'm sure there would be a lot more points of discussion that I can't currently think of right now if it were to be removed from all vehicles.
  9. I mean that is one thing that i'd like but small steps you know
  10. Remove the Decamp Script from MRAPs Brief Summary: This suggestion is to remove the decamp script from MRAPs. So your weapon would instantly be ready after hopping out of one, rather than the couple of seconds you usually have. Detailed Suggestion: This suggestion is to remove the decamp script from MRAPs (Hunter, Ifrit, and the Strider) and nothing else. I feel as if the decamp script is disliked by a lot of people in the community. I'd also like to say that I do fully understand why the decamp script was introduced in the first place. Mainly because of the many
  11. Unfortunate one I guess... 😂


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    2. Aajonus Vonderplanit
    3. Ji


      he was clearly the more skilled gamer here

    4. Javier


      Tbh was surprised i knocked you out there. But oh well i got fucked 5 mins later anyway

  12. You do know that it's not only Armed Response that use the black hatchy, right?
  13. It's funny that, because our last operation was Operation Guardian, which is the operation that assisted us with seizing over £350,000,000 worth of different illegal goods, mainly firearms. You can see the statistics below, since you're clearly very miss-informed;
  14. Don't need fps to roleplay
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