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  1. idk about that one, it was a TFT game
  2. I don't flame anyone, I think you confused me with someone else sir. You can't comment on anyone's ability mate imagine your opgg looking like this lol
  3. What are the odds? 🤯

    1. Jamie


      Unfortunate game for me 😂

    2. Proxeum


      Haven't seen you since 2014 and matched up in a league game haha, i just won, had a three star Jhin, his last shot did 32000 damage haha

  4. Did you actually record that on your phone bro?
  5. Oi bigman, wipe the smile off your face

    1. Jamie



  6. Unfortunate one I guess... 😂


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    2. Aajonus Vonderplanit
    3. Ji


      he was clearly the more skilled gamer here

    4. Javier


      Tbh was surprised i knocked you out there. But oh well i got fucked 5 mins later anyway

  7. You do know that it's not only Armed Response that use the black hatchy, right?
  8. It's funny that, because our last operation was Operation Guardian, which is the operation that assisted us with seizing over £350,000,000 worth of different illegal goods, mainly firearms. You can see the statistics below, since you're clearly very miss-informed;
  9. Don't need fps to roleplay
  10. @INS Aplexity What happened to your status bruva? 😂 

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    2. Wilco


      Well seeing you didn’t state who it was you could be accusing anyone... but don’t state who it was 😉

      We don’t need members pointing fingers In status updates, it just causes needless drama when it could be better discussed in a PM 

    3. Aplexity


      Hi @Wilco thanks for the reply i understand thanks 

    4. Aplexity


      @Wild Wiisy Ey no need for the facepalms don’t be salty fam

  11. That’s no fun. I think that the majority of the police are in a primary unit. So I don’t think this is the solution we need, as this would just stop most of the police from being able to play rebel. I get what you mean as we need a solution, but that would just be unfair for a large amount of the police.
  12. That decreased after you left sir
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