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  1. Hi just wondering how many of you guys use NVE Or some other graphical mods for gtav and what sort of performance you guys get?
  2. Name of officer(s) involved - [P.Burns] [2600] Time and date of incident: 18.00pm / 4.6.2019 Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: My helicopter was recently scrapped. I was at Weed drug processor and my heron was on with auto pilot on. a police hatch back came and crashed into the helicopter and the driver died no one else was in sight I asked many times is anyone here,i was confused and stood around for at least 5 to 10 mins while my chopper was auto hovering by itself above me. I messaged admins asking for assistance and did not receive a reply.
  3. As stated looking to buy a barn my price is 15 mill max please send me a message is interested
  4. Watch Bigfrys Video On This. This isn't even Actual Gameplay its just a bunch of artwork and cinematics. I mean if they pull it off it would be awesome but im very skeptical about it I doubt it will be a working game. might just be another scam. BigfryTV's Video on this -
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