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  1. very nice compound. but like bigShlong said the middle look empty you should add something just to fill the space a bit. maybe even add a bit more shrubbery around the whole compound to make the place feel alive and welcoming, we are not totally heartless bastards.
  2. hell yes, such a fun event to do. everyone one on the server turns up, shit blows up, everyone enjoys it.
  3. WOW a very nice uniform, great work butch
  4. Pretty sure this happens to a other stuff that have the skin. Most likely a bug/ just not set up right
  5. Longbow

    Rebel EQ

    RPUK the only place a auction could turn into a ball measuring contest
  6. +1 for balance .they are op for what they are right now
  7. Longbow

    Impound lot

    But after 15 min all vehicles are removed. Most likely because the server can't run smoothly if everyone has vehicles laying around ( if everyone left 2 vehicle (260 in total) then the server would suffer. Better if arac could impound the cars after 5 min but then people could abuse it.
  8. Longbow

    Impound lot

    +1 not a totally bad idea. Stop people leaving vehicle everywhere and add something to getting impounded instead of just waiting for a restart
  9. Wow just read the suggestion and was laughing about it, thinking it was a joke but nope you are really doing it. Go get them devilish diamond dealers
  10. -1 This is not even a problem, moving runs to one side of the map will make one side dead = 0 benefit and one side have all the rebels and that whitelisted "gang" you seem to not like. Poseidon only act that way if you break the laws of Poseidon lands and are all about the roleplay just like the other faction. Yes it is different type of roleplay but still roleplay. And this thing about poseidon paying huge lumps of money to get stuff is very out the blue as it was created by the dev team for the server after the removal of unmc and not because a group paid to get buffs as that is pay 2 win
  11. Wow 58 member in total = 100 ish i would say. And i was going off what you said about only 6 tura trained people not including you lazy capos and barons. But wow 58 members that has gone down some since i last look at the members list ( unless that list was out dated) ye and with the change that number will go down. I would agree the old price needed looking at but not to this extreme , i would never have had 16 car95-1 mag on me if they cost the same as they do now. This is a shame Poseidon offers good roleplay to people looking to roleplay and something different to look forward compare
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