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  1. maybe a dayz rp server would be ace until Arma 4 is out haha
  2. Happy Christmas peeps have a good one

    1. ReiSSs


      you disgust me!

  3. Dam matey where you been hope your well

  4. yes no more baby sitting mr Reiss
  5. Happy birthday hun x

    1. -Sammy-


      Thank you love ❤️


  6. Poseidon lads its been a blast best bunch of guys and girls ive had the pleasure of chatting to over the yrs stay safe you now where iam if you wanna chat 


  7. Delboy haha thats me it been a blast
  8. congrats matey welcome to the team

    1. 3FingerGaming


      Thanks buddy, now i get to post as much bad music as you 😛

    2. GREENY
  9. Even though the numbers was low tonight on Malden i just want to say Prob PC Jonathon keep it up mate cracking RP had a great laugh. i hope Police command notice your efforts 


  10. Its been a blast today on Malden thank you to all for making it fun. but please next time  Malden Police Force give me a head start in the tractor 😂

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GREENY


      Pmsl  I said to him right over crest he said I thought you ment left into tree legand 🤣

    3. Bowen
    4. Bowen


      You owe me @Gremlin !

  11. Happy Birthday @GREENYcant believe you hit the big 50 today top lad hope u have the best day my son🎂🥳

    1. GREENY


      ill give yeah 50 you cheeky git plenty of moves in this old man 

    2. K A I

      K A I

      yes moves of a tortoise

    3. ReiSSs


      happy 50th greeny get some bottles of gin 🙂


  12. If you was honored enough to take a Discord phone call from me last night sorry fell asleep at the pc with my head on my phone @GordonAtlas sorry guys to much Gin 😂


    1. 3FingerGaming


      I'm more shocked you know how to make a discord call now

    2. Nalurah


      @3FingerGamingNah, it was all an accident, he doesn't know how Discord works 😉

    3. GREENY


      oi am getting better with Discord thanks


  13. i give up GIF by Venom Movie this looks like you 😂

    1. ReiSSs


      Friends and allies dickheads


  14. haha yeah i actually bought 4 jets for rebels to go enjoy also haha oh well its in the past onwards and upwards its all about Malden now
  15. Epic Malden life runs are spot on its been ace seeing so many old faces may it continue well done Devs 

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