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  1. fair play @Malfangi actually enjoyed watching that
  2. Server is popping tonight 👍

  3. @AlexBear hits on a very important fact in my eyes with all them comments. FACTION RESTRICTIONS very important This defo needs to be looked into, Am not sure does the police have current restrictions on how many mraps they can pull out at a time as Poseidon does. also just a though but obliviously a lot further down the lines it might be worth making everyone pay for there gear on this specific event make it fair. i now some will slam this as we have been here before time and time again but if i was to go back to this event say 4 times that would be 1.1mil in gear id have t
  4. Who says your going to win Poseidon will do everything in there power to hold that Border and send the cops packing with there tails between there legs
  5. i say give it a go amazing work things can be tweaked at later dates
  6. @Robert RobertsonThank you for the kind words about Poseidon we try our best.... There are also some great cops out there unfortunately there are some rotten eggs
  7. dam you getting me twice at the end there haha nice tune
  8. Happy new yeah everyone all the best for 2021

    1. Samantha


      Happy New year bud ❤️💕

  9. all these ideas are great but it all comes down to commonsense rob new players target new players treat them like shit this just sets the standards that they may go on to carry out them selves or they may just get fed up and leave so if no one has the commonsense themselves what hope is there.....
  10. I understand where @Wilcois coming from in regards to saying enough is enough ive been there ive ran a server so be it an exile one but it is hard work you cant always please everyone. How ever i have seen and witnessed the main players slowly going to play else where i ask and urge you to have a re think and if your dedicated to the community think to your selves the impact this is also having ie when looking at the player number seeing there isnt so many people on oh i just wont bother the more numbers we have the more i feel will want to be part of it again. The Dev team since th
  11. me think its time to go bed had far to much red wine now

  12. Not sure if i was the first to try out the new SAF DROP but yeah it was great no one contested it but is spawned close to the water was  well done DEVS i can see some intresting fights going to happen now or maybe people sitting wating to rob haha

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    2. Maxim



    3. GREENY


      7.6 sup 3 dms 3 6.5 sup 5.8 sup that was it mate 

    4. GREENY


      7.2 sorry bit drunk


  13. Its almost upon us all the best everyone and i hope you all have a great Christmas don't get to drunk!!!

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    2. ReissMate


      Try not to get ur head kicked in by your kids greeny haha xD merry christmas!

    3. GREENY


      @ReissMateill try my best power rangers is banned in our house haha 

    4. Tuna


      My mum could've used this advice...

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