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  1. Aethon You guys want .50 cals pmsl https://gyazo.com/97a0382969ce72e1bf8ff31194b68fc2
  2. Decided to play as rebel during boarder wars never again it is pointless as a rebel it cost so much to be surrounded by 5 hunters and killed to go spend a load of money again to repeat the process over and over there needs to be some changes to rebel its really no fun at all and its a shame not a dig at devs i fully appreciate everything you do and i think you all know that. 

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    2. GREENY


      maxim i here what your saying but that wont happen with rebel life being so dim atm

    3. Maxim


      dunno what to tell you, hopefully we get gang wars or something, poseidon can play cuz its redzones and police can book their holidays for that evening

    4. Tuna


      @3FingerGamingDon't even get the FOB spawn anymore. Have to go from another spawn to Advanced or FOB. Idk why when you have to drive from FOB to Therisa and then fly anyway its literally the same for all the factions but rebel have been done over. So what if they interfere in border wars and have a mild advantage while they do it? That spawn is probably the only advantage they can get.

      That said I only died twice and had a decent time but to actually contest the inner zones its wasted.

  3. Ngl i think GANG WARS would be a great asset to the server and rebel life
  4. is it me or is there no proper rebels anymore why are rebels helping cops bring back the real rebels coz you lot are pussies 

    1. GreyWolf


      rebels now: "Here you go officer, have my ifrit that on any normal day you'd be taking off and me scrapping and go kill some poseidon with it"

    2. Hapi


      Give me 20 mill and ill help you

  5. nice mate nice sound track also GG
  6. dam this this guy doesnt know when to quit
  7. I do miss my encounters with Mr @Jayray Holdera decent cop may he make a return one day
  8. All you do is cry there was 5 at best in zones 4 most of the night 10 of us lol, we can't be doing our job properly coz you keep coming with them Ifrits it amazes me how you keep finding keys for them after ur all wiped 10 of us
  9. nice Nate nice tune also
  10. like a boss nice matey
  11. @James Traversyes i do and i would be happy to send it you private as there is sensitive vocals of my children and wife in the back ground once uploaded i will pass it on
  12. if what you are saying is all true then you will have no issues putting up a vid to defend what you are saying this could of been sorted in a liaison but you tuck the tough guy approach and asked me to report you calling me a melt. ill leave this for staff link broken for some reason
  13. Report a player Your In-game Name: GREENY Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Sandytoes Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 13/02/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 1700 What best describes this incident ?: (5.3.3) For Red zone specific rules to apply, both shooter and victim must be inside the Red zone Please (in detail) describe the incident: as you can see from the vid i was driving around the far rocks outside of zone as reports of a shooter was shooting into the zone, as i drove past the rocks clearly there was
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