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  1. Hello There 🙂 any of the oldies still here ? i kinda missed the RPUK Community 🙂

  2. New Profile Song 🙂 


  3. Hey , finally went and bought the Corsair HS60 Surround Headset which has pretty decent microphone Than you for the help anyway
  4. Can i have your beard? it's gonna take me ages to grow one 

  5. Hel Good Lads And Ladies i am recently lost my mic (its like cheap 7-8 dollars one ) and i am looking to get like a proper one, even like condenser microphone, now sadly i didn't found price worthy USB Condenser mics so i will have to go for XLR Version, which means i gonna need sound card (External) and now a quick question, is it good for gaming,? or will i have a huge delay? (I'm planning on connecting the headset directly to the PC) and if i am wrong about USB Mics , please proof myself wrong Much Thanks Forgot to Mention that i am on a budget , i can't spend more then 270 Dollars Thanks
  6. LoL @Stick3rz that always happening to me xD
  7. Hey , there is up to 75% Discount on steam for WB Games Publisher Weekend https://store.steampowered.com/sale/wb_pub11 The Deal Ends On October 1 Enjoy
  8. Hey Guys i yesterday i got The Crew 2 and I'm more than happy to play with whoever wish to join me My Uplay name is: Sea_Li0n
  9. ok thx @Samatlewis @Abbie Sanders surely Ramming them over will be around refusing to roleplay , but at the same time they will "Exploit" VDM Rule so , i guess roleplay it goes , but i mean is that something to argue about or ?
  10. So i recently got told that if people stand in front and at the back of your car (Basically blocking you) either armed or unarmed its ok to drive them over , its been long time since i been in RPUK (i left year ago and now i am back so i'm want to make sure that the rules haven't changed Kind Regards
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