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  1. You're always lurking around the forums, when you coming back to play?

  2. Mr Frog, come back, i am back too 

    1. Froggy


      If only i could, I am afraid that i'll be stuck in uni for a couple more years.

    2. TheCap


      ooohhhhh fair enough man maybe one day we can talk again 😉 

  3. What say you, time to visit Altis again? 🤔

    1. Froggy


      Why not? Redownloading Arma shoudn't be too difficult.

    2. Mike Polo

      Mike Polo

      you guys better come say hello to me!!

  4. Sounds interesting to me.
  5. Bidding ends at 20:00 gtm Sunday.
  6. Starting Price: 600K Minimum Increment: 200k Current bid: 800k Buyout: 2m Happy bidding!
  7. Examplary performance! It is thanks to officers such as this pcso that we will restore peace and order to Altis.
  8. Well, we also can't say that the police always limits itself to the "queens" lands.
  9. I was just using the diamond run to ilustrate my point. I already know that poseidon is much more reliable when it comes to protection.
  10. Police logic: -1 truck full of weed stopped=great victory! -10s of diamond miners getting robbed=just a minor stepback!
  11. Achievement(s) Required: Christmas day 2018 awardTime that the awards should have been given: 25/12/2018Reason the achievements were not given (if known): No ideaIf based on Donation, please link your donation thread: N/A
  12. Then i am not the driver you are looking for. Sorry to have wasted your time.
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