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  1. We made this very clear when we rolled up to the situation and said this is the "policesideon" and stated we were all here as the alarm went off and it may be currently being robbed
  2. We were Not going to kill him we were waiting for an apology as i got told to fuck off and role played this as a insecure Poseidon member i asked for an apology several times and knocked him out (after telling him if he told me to fuck off one more time i would knock his teeth out) He was then took round front where i gave him a chance to live and resolve this as my feelings where hurt I asked about 3 or 4 times for an apology and then he initiated on us and we started getting lit up this is where it turned to a gun fight. Me and the other officers simply wanted an Apology due to being told to
  3. Police didnt let us execute when we did they were not near and didnt know we did at the time
  4. I don't think it is possible and if so it would be near useless and not be very good in most circumstances.
  5. How do i search other plays when i have them zip tied
  6. i was wondering i have seen people advertise their taxi companies. Would it be against the rules to call a taxi then rob/take them hostage if i play out a good roleplay situation
  7. That helped sometimes my ping is over 250 when It a busy thank you
  8. When i am playing i randomly get kicked from the server with no explanation no matter what i do this happens can someone help
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