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  1. yeah u haven't left, look at u addicted to the forums

    1. SpartanHorde


      Fergu is the only person that has been 15 longer than me

  2. Can't wait for u to get on my shoulders again next year at reading festival 🙂

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      Aww what a pair of cuties

  3. we dont speak about that
  4. we wouldnt need malden if u didnt scare away altis players, and yes i can rob everyone cause i have the new player tag. @SpartanHordeprofile pic looking cute
  5. worst gang, killed off altis life by scaring away new players. KEEP UP THE WORK !!!!
  6. Never said they were banned in any unfair way, just said I dont play because the people that I have spent thousands of hours on the game with dont play aswell. Read what I said before waffling on because the people that I am referring to as friends are game banned.
  7. Realistically Altis is never gonna be what it is because a lot of the people that have been keeping it alive for the last few months are banned and a lot of people like myself and quite a lot of others cant be bothered to play if a fair few of their friends are banned. People need to accept that altis will never even be close to what it was a while ago. Without the pandemic the server would have died a year and a bit ago.
  8. not all the rich people just a certain group under the name of "relic"
  9. Spartan, me and you will be here till the end #IDidn'tChooseTheThugLifeTheThugLifeCHoseMe

  10. Fergu

    When did this guy get banned wtf

    1. WhoisDan


      Punk is banned too. They just seem to be banning anyone that claims that Management don't care about Altis anymore. It's absurd.

    2. Daanv


      without locking or hiding this,

      Hive wasnt banned due to what happened on the forums but due to something that happened somewhere else.

      Guys please use your head dont asume the worse, especially if you have no clue what happened.


  11. Ngl, the server will end up getting bombed and hit off a million times that night knowing the arma community
  12. I just ate chili with brown rice in case you were wondering

    1. Chilli


      why did you eat me smh

  13. Thank you for the follow 🙂

  14. It died because the active people slowly got banned either server or game ( @Clark ) or they just got tired of the game itself and moved onto other games. Nothing to do with the server in particular it's just getting old and it's happening on every server atm.
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