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  1. Fergu


    each bar can be sold for 250k so u would probs be better off just going to a shipwreck yourself mate
  2. Fergu


    How much you willing to pay per bar
  3. No I can't get any other evidence just deny it then.
  4. Was also involved in the situation and would just like to show this as some evidence of the combat log
  5. Report a player Your In-game Name: Fergu Name of the player(s) you are reporting: boab Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 03/01/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 2137 What best describes this incident ?: Poor quality RP Please (in detail) describe the incident: Initiand poorly and instantly shot and sprayed down everyone. When I asked him to liaison all i got was this so ................. .https://gyazo.com/cbdcef0e3cdec621d8619be7880b4c65 Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://medal.tv/clips/40508921
  6. nice to see 3 mins and 12 seconds of singles
  7. plz feel free to supply evidence from a few mins before as well
  8. So you didn't shoot me before hand and didn't record that part? Don't shoot at me if u not prepared to get shot back at. All I have to say.
  9. Simon Ross #1 was better smh
  10. Would this come with a significant increase in payout aswell? as it would be more complicated.
  11. 3 x posideon ifrits Spar 16s with like 5 or 6 mags White CBRN suit (idk if they rare) 1 AR hunter 1 semi upgraded command hunter 2 x mowhawks some teargas Maybe a few Type 50 cal mags Just post a sensible offer and (I'll probably say yes)
  12. Ur not gonna get 10 mill for it, it's expensive to buy and upgrade in the first place
  13. If u dont want to get scammed I'm sure you can hit up @U N C L Efor cheap and reliable barns
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