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  1. 61e86a3ce12e03437bfc31d08da4bf15.jpg


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    2. Punk


      Stop cheating then ^^

    3. Fergu


      Not cheats, just some scripts for recoil 

    4. Bob Wilkinson
  2. @Spartan HordeWe can finally go play on the big boy slide
  3. There are kills outside of zone in this, plz remove or die
  4. 95636f581652e17f5b87332e23ef83d4.png

    Do i do it

  5. is it bad I cant tell if this is a joke or serious
  6. go with ur 4m offer then and put sold next to it
  7. u banned leave but u can stay
  8. lowest u would go for each?
  9. +1 Spartan is a 12 year old at heart 

    1. Chris M

      Chris M

      12 years old mentally and 15 physically.

  10. 3up my NPAS hummingbird
  11. Here should be my TS id: su7vUscKHlLsghZ2StkT9wOYFXA= Thanks
  12. I am sorry for making this mistake and can assure you it wont happen in the future. I didn't even know what I was doing and don't even remember a lot of what happened. I have no clue how to explain this to be perfectly honest.
  13. Unban Appeal for Fergu In-game Name: Fergu Server: Teamspeak Steam ID: 76561198408808625 The date you got banned: 03/14/21 Member of the team that banned you: No clue Reason given for your ban: Extended to Perm for ts evading. Appeal at roleplay.co.uk In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I don't remember but I'm guessing I ended up ban evading a TS ban I got but am unsure Why should we unban you ?: I did not mean any harmful intent in anything I did. I shouldn't have ban evaded the original TS ban but I am just r
  14. 06d90f6ae68398af483dc3752be56907.jpg

    Anyone else love how hard it is for Poseidon to get 100 rounders

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    2. PC Akula

      PC Akula

      add the type 115

    3. Marty Atlas

      Marty Atlas

      Add Lynx 😄

    4. GeneralVZ


      I gotta admit that was beautifull lmao.

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