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  1. I agree, thank you Charles for this chance, I will not let this community down again.
  2. I don't know man. I don't engage in the stupid juvenile shit I once did, I no longer get kicks from pissing others off and I don't understand how I went on acting that way. More than anything seeing loved ones and friends upset as a result of all the bullshit that has happened in their lives made me go off toxicity. Being the person who causes someones day to be that much worse, who throws more negative shit atop a negative situation - that person became abhorrent to me once I had seen first hand how it affects others and the consequences that can have. I made a conscious decision to stop that behaviour and instead aim to bring positivity and a friendly face to others rather than an interaction they'd rather not have. I'm not free from human fallibility but my intentions will never be that shallow again. It's a shame I didn't come to this realisiation sooner but as they say, better late than never. The toxic mindset pretty much barred me from accepting anyone else's view hence my long and troubled history during my time here. With that now gone I hope there is a potential for reconciliation but understand if that chance was spent long ago.
  3. Time away from the community made me realise how much I took for granted here. I cannot say anything in defence of my behaviour, because although I may have disagreed with some decisions in the past it all fits the bigger picture of me causing problems for the community. There is no smoke without fire, my attitude at the time was clearly incorrect. I have developed as a person since my departure from the community, and although in the past I have tried to exonerate myself and point fingers elsewhere, I came to the realisiation that the best policy is to accept responsibility for and the consequences of your actions. I accept that my previous attitude here has painted me as an immature and toxic individual, and I may never return because of that. I keep appealing because this behaviour was not the true me, it was a show put on to impress the wrong people, and I feel ashamed for having changed my behaviour in that respect as it clearly was the incorrect path and brought nothing but problems to the community and to myself. I kept playing in other communities as I had made some excellent friendships there. Although I didn't enjoy the standard of roleplay, the group I played with on other communities uplifted my experience and that's why I continued there.
  4. edited op with correct ID 76561198442185650
  5. Unban Appeal for imaK In-game Name: imaK Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198442185650 Ban ID: unsure Reason given for your ban: Trolling In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned because I wasn't very good at meeting the standards expected in this community. I had been banned probably over 5x before this ban, the final straw was flying around the map stealing police cars and not roleplaying. Why should we unban you ?: I caused a lot of issues here previously, through my ignorance or immaturity I found myself banned more often than not. From your point of view I probably don't appear to be the kind of person you'd like back in your community, especially when you have gone through a lot of effort to keep the quality of the community high. During my time away from the community I played on similar communities who made me truly appreciate, although retrospectively, the work the community has done here to keep it at a high quality, be that in terms of staffing, in-game interactions or the community in general. Having experienced other "roleplay" communities I realised what I had squandered for myself by misbehaving here. Although my experience was so negative here previously I still wanted to return, and discovering that this was the only community where you can achieve actual roleplay only increased that desire. I do not feel I am deserving of an unban considering my record, and if I were to be given a chance to return I would make every effort to keep myself on the straight and narrow and enjoy the community in the spirit in which it was created; to roleplay. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  6. Kavala Karting Circuit Explain your map design: I don't play here anymore, but I've been making things on eden so I might as well upload them somewhere to potentially be used. Fast paced kart circuit featuring: Wide track 8 turns Optional (delayed) chicane using barriers Marshal towers covering every area of the track I don't expect this to be used for anything other than an event due to its proximity to the police station and the obvious blocking of roads. If successfully approved I confirm I will email the .sqm to email@roleplay.co.uk: Yes I confirm there are no floating objects & damage and simulation have been disabled: Yes I confirm my map design was created in Eden Editor: Yes
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      I failed my Maths and English like 4 times xD Foundation C's all the way!


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      @charlito more like fucking some dutty skets

  8. @Police Man Reiss seems theres another crack dealer in town...
  9. The time for roleplay was you giving me your final words (which were just complaints from you and your friends). You may have had whatever agreement with someone else, but personally I took the decision to end your lives as you likely would have ended the life of my gang member in the situation. You was not apologetic in the least and you did not beg for your life, you aren't going to persuade anyone to allow you to keep your life by being confrontational (despite you being mortally wounded). Nothing was random about your death.
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