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  1. Jesse you were always the odd one out mate you strived for a dream no one even gave a damn for. Then expected mutual respect after being a stranger and only messaging friends for barns. Ground Branch has never changed only your perception of it has. Even when we were HOWT or Shit Stabbers we were still the same. And you can call me my real name if you like want to talk about it on myspace? Like genuinely you knew me just as much as perspective and want to come crying now? A bit late famalam. You all choose when to cry because it’s convenient for you now, but when you wanted something you would kiss booty more than a teachers pet my son. I can take heat from anyone on this forum but from you hell nah. You did dirty for GB and lied to a crowd for Roleplay. Thats the same as what im doing but i didnt get anyone banned and I actually gained something from it Also Iggy has the right Idea. Do ya bloody research! There are probably 5 posts on this forum saying im a scamming so and so. Is it hard to type in someones name in the search bar to find previous dirt? No. Its not my fault there are too many naive people on Arma that I can take advantage of and spread the cash flow to some of my boys. Also jessi you know I've scammed probably 200M worth. Don’t act like you just came out from under a rock and started to finally discover who I am Another thing we have always been toxic in one way or another. HoneyBadger was the king of toxicity with his psychoanalysing. So am pretty sure you painted yourself a made up GB besides the HMS which was absolutely GARBAGE and a waste of 6 months of money. this thread is banter because you act like this is your real life. If we weren’t in lockdown id tell you to go outside and get some fresh air. drama hungry as hell, keep giving your 2 cents in the form of OOC trash talking. When every person here has probably broken rules when they fancy it, abused people when it’s “right” laughable is an understatement.
  2. acting like scammers take age into account. I don’t give a damn who it is, i dont know the kid, his age. His story. I never met him or spoke to him before this. Keep making things up to feel big on the internet you are causing me so much guilt and harm with all your comments. its way more simple than what you make it. you want a barn! YES PLS. everyone who wants a barn ever.
  3. Coming from the king of cringe himself not sure why you hold yourself to such a high pedestal Its fine bud, your white knighting will be rewarded with thumbs ups. Congratulations see y’all on another hate post in a few weeks
  4. I can’t stress this enough. I love being a C U N T never once said I wasn’t and everyone who knows me, knows I Am a cunt. Sorry you are butt hurt over someone else losing pixels. #NotActuallySorryThough #CollectingFacePalms
  5. You never laughed at someone else’s misfortune? Pretty sure every single person here has. You would be a liar if you said you haven’t keyboard warriors unite!
  6. Am i breaking rules? I’m spreading the wealth and im just a fantastic salesmen! I don’t even need to give up my product to make money! Ingenious right? Also perspective you know me better than anyone, you think I feel guilt for virtual money? Hilarious
  7. Is it though? Another successful scam.
  8. Funny thing is that he was invited to be scammed You think id scam an actual member? this guy rdms me after being scammed, a man who donated enough money to afford a weekly shop. Yet still doesn’t know how to initiate on someone should show the next 2 minutes mate anyone else want a barn?

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    2. Roo Hyuga

      Roo Hyuga

      Oh this has not aged too well 😕

    3. big jimmy

      big jimmy

      @Roo Hyuga nah money gang for life 

    4. Scott Weiland

      Scott Weiland

      @aaron_carsonWelcome to the club 😂

  10. GB is back on the island?  Truly? 

    If so, I hope you re-add us old dogs   he he

    1. U N C L E

      U N C L E

      A tad late xD, we still play on and off. 

    2. Cowboy Chip

      Cowboy Chip

      Yaaaa, I have a real problem not reading the post date  lol

  11. Yeah thats all cool what it says. But if I tend to donate once and end up being put into a string of donations which I didn’t intend. Fuck voluntary
  12. Ban me then they get banned for doing it, i am asking for a refund due to a mistake. Am not donating and then robbing my money back which im sure is what the rule means. Aye thats why they say “please ask your parents” xd
  13. I only ever do one time donations. Never clicked renewal, i may be dyslexic but I know what makes me pay more to what I want. So not really understanding why I have a subscription Surely if it was a mistake I should be able to get a refund. Its not like i haven’t given money before legit just got my last £10 taken out whilst I was sleeping, no way to refund and stripes website on the phone is actually shite
  14. Didn’t know it was set on auto renewal. Can I get a refund on this months payment?
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