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  1. Often, I and other players are unable to store items in the trunk of a vehicle. We can take items out. We can not put items in. Seems to occur after a actions of opening the trunk.
  2. I went to support and allegedly my car is in Legion Square - a black rumpo custom. I went to upper and lower and it is not there. I went and checked a lot of the parking places around the map and its not there. Same with my red sedan.
  3. Sorted, I think it was the weed plants causing some sort of collision issue
  4. There's an invisible wall in my house, from where I'm standing in the image I can't go past that point. PM me for more info about that house location and stuff.
  5. Hello friend, welcome
  6. I made this post a little while ago: My house still does this and tps me, this is my house: And it teleports me here: Usually the second time I go in to my house after the tp it lets me in fine.
  7. When I enter my house, it TP's me to somewhere inside Sandy Shores however sometimes it works fine.
  8. Comunidad inglesa señor (Tactical Google Translate)
  9. Does anyone know if client side mods are allowed and if so are there any ones that people reccommend?
  10. Yes, I know alt + f4 can cause problems so I do not do that, I always use ESC + Disconnect.
  11. So I logged off last night after checking out the new update at the garage all fine, came back on today and it said "You have respawned as your logged off when you were dead" when that wasn't the case, also it seems dying doesn't reset your food so when I logged on at the NHS hospital I instantly started dying of hunger and died. Edit: I went into the mega mall and it made me invisible so maybe that is something to do with it + I just respawned and it gave me a small percentage of food and water back Edit 2: I also noticed that i stored by van in the garage and when I l
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