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  1. Happy new year!

  2. Been in the community two years already.. Mental how fast that has gone

    1. Joshua


      2 years stealing dust caps, tiring ay?

    2. Johnathon Reeds

      Johnathon Reeds

      2 years in the community, but he's been taking dust caps all his life

  3. Kinda stupid, we complain about not having players on the server then we do this shit to eachother, i'm willing to throw 3 mil into the pot @George Harris
  4. Streaming some Poseidon  



  5. Streaming some CIV 


  6. Although i do agree POS should have more ways of making money, a paycheck system wouldn't be the route to go. It basically makes us look like Rebel police. If anything we need drugs to be buffed and for POS to get all of the old perks that gave us more money for drugs and gold bars. But that's just me
  7. I think the current state of rubbers are best where they are as it literally only take one bullet to take someone down, don't see why it should be full auto -1 from me
  8. EA just ended stream and gave this Code for 1 free game: http://playr.gg/ea
    Code: eaplaylive
    Ends in 15 hours!
    EDIT: Apparently it works for multiple games
    EDIT AGAIN: I'm an idiot, turns out it's just enteris for a chance to win 

    1. GREENY


      lol number 5600 in the queue haha

    2. Javier Atlas

      Javier Atlas

      Yep, been waiting for 10 mins

  9. Honestly would be great to have this, fatty +1 and all the points is what i would have said. As its already been said whats with the down votes and no Input?
  10. Was a good situation. Best fun i've had with cops for awhile
  11. You clearly haven't thought at all, all you've said is more RP and less RDM cases... yet there's barely any reports and the fact that you've said this without any evidence is kinda ridiculous, if Poseidon was to be removed it would honestly just kill the server as not a lot of POS members will not go rebel or cops.. Make an actual suggestion instead of complaining because you lost a situation. I also notice a few +1's and considering this would change the server quite abit, why not say why you think this should happen?
  12. Wow... they manage to wipe us twice and all of a sudden get a pair of balls.. and managed to rip a pilot.. (Once)
  13. you don't want to embarrass us? yet half of them said the war is ridiculous.. Not going to say names, but they know who they are. Also, wow! You killed an associate! Such damage to the cartel, i truly wish to be like you when i get older (!)
  14. @Dan953 Yet we've barely seen your gang? Might aswell join the bastards already.
  15. Only took 3 different gangs to take 6 POS members down... including an ifrit that shouldn't have been even taken out..
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