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  1. Wow, really??????? Damn, didn't see the announcement of the wipe, smh
  2. Well there's just not much to do on Altis anymore, and I'm gonna sound like half the Player base but lack of updates has to do with it, I understand devs have lives and they do, do great jobs when they update the server, it's just a shame it's not consistent, then we have this "bums on seat" in reply which is correct, yeah but... What are we supposed to do? Barely any cops are on so rebels can't rob banks or gas stations, so they just sit in Red zones, or when they do come out it's just robbing low tier players/gangs which makes them not wanna come back, making less interactions in the long run, alongside all this Arma is pretty old now, so people are just getting bored of it Eh, just my thoughts anyway
  3. Title says it all, my Budget is £100, not bothered by the color or brand, something that is comfortable for long usage and no mic is needed as I have a completely separate one anyway, i'd also prefer for them to be wired too
  4. Sadge image.png.61a4efd98f7c875f5c28503998bba66a.png

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      You need to layoff nicking everyones dust caps mr Javier 😂

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