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  1. Javier

    Selling Barn

    16mil, cheers for Taggin @Sau
  2. this still free? EDIT; Didn't see end date, my bad
  3. Any updates for altis soon? Numbers are pretty yikes

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    2. Tuna


      Any content that's waiting should be released now IMO. There's no point waiting around to push updates anymore. No one cares if they're downloading the mission file every week or whatever as features are coming out - it doesn't take very long especially as populations are no longer big enough to crash the server. It's been a good run but the market just isn't there anymore without something game-changing.


    3. Malfang


      all the server needs is SOME SHIT WITH SOME BOP IN IT!

    4. Nalurah


      I hope they manage to revive the place. I would otherwise genuinely miss it. Just the people, the weird situations, the friends I've made throughout the years. I fear losing Altis might mean saying goodbye to a lot of people as everyone goes their own way. I hope that won't be the case.

  4. I agree that we need more ways of making money, and some adjustments to gear prices, but it's not gonna stop big man Kieron Roaching you, but Seriously. There's always gonna be roaches, it's a gameplay style, as annoying as it is to fight and get used to.. You need to
  5. 2 quid and packers of walkers crisp
  6. It's different for Hunters, as they are MRAPS? Honestly a question for dev team as I'm positive police hummingbirds lose their skins
  7. Can steal it (i think), but it wont keep the skin, so it's worthless
  8. Happy new year!

  9. Been in the community two years already.. Mental how fast that has gone

    1. Joshua


      2 years stealing dust caps, tiring ay?

    2. Johnathon Reeds

      Johnathon Reeds

      2 years in the community, but he's been taking dust caps all his life

  10. Kinda stupid, we complain about not having players on the server then we do this shit to eachother, i'm willing to throw 3 mil into the pot @George Harris
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