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  1. Nate

    Variety of QOL changes

    Suggestion: QOL CHANGES: Healing script leaves your gun on the fire rate it was on originally Save loadouts feature implemented for factions + rebels Make airdrops only drop black 7.62 suppressors (instead of tan + khaki 7.62 supressors) as only black supressors can be put on most the 7.62 guns anyways Remove the unessessary open door options on hunters and ifrits (hardly ever used and can be a nuisance) OTHER CHANGES; Decrease rebel mk1 price. 300k is just excessive at the end of the day. A mk18 is only like 130k, suggesting that the mk1 price be lo
  2. Nate

    PIlot helmets

    +1 idk why people are against it, it's literally just qol, and I'd much rather at night time be actually able to see everything rather than be restricted to some small oval in the middle of my screen
  3. Nate

    Border Wars

    Your missing the point Henning. While it is basically another massive rezone, the whole point of it is to get people more active in the week to grind money for gear sets or whatever it may be. Like it or not pretty much all other popular rp servers have some event like this in one way or another and it's a way to keep the community active and have something to look forward to. If you look at the player count numbers it's clear their lacking so at the very least I would rather people be actually playing on the server (even if it's only in a red zone) then going off to play with or whateve
  4. Brief Outline: Remove open door options on ifrits Detailed Suggestion: Suggesting that the open doors option on the scrollwheel menu on ifrits be removed as they serve literally no perpouse except cluttering up the scrolls wheel menu, and can be annoying when I want to switch to passenger seat quickly and instead and I have to look through like 8 different scroll wheel options to see the right one. Pros: Declutters the scroll wheel menu on ifrits Removes pointless open door options that are never even used anyways Cons: Literally none (I'm pretty sure y
  5. literally just a qol thing, would be nice to have it, and if not then idk speed up the night cycle?
  6. you rlly pulled out the gamer goggles for this one
  7. Would be great if I could snag the name nate https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/4559-nate/,
  8. Nate

    Fullscreen NVGs

    yeah or just let us buy the full screen night vis helmet. its not as if the helemts op or anything like think the armour level is level 3(?) and you can buy portector helm which has level 5. like at the end of the day its a nice qol change and would be nice if it was implemented
  9. Nate


    Clearly something's off with the fps, it may not be assets on the map of whatever, but if I log on to pretty much any other Altis life server with the exact same amount of people I get at least like +15 fps minimum, so I'm not going to pretend to know what the issue is, but clearly there is one and it isn't all client side as I consistently get fair worse fps on RPUK then anywhere else even for the same amount of People.
  10. Yeah it's not great running 20 metres and you charactar having a seizure. Idk if it's worth imposing time limits on redgulls (e.g. redgull affects last 2 mins, can only be drunk every 5 mins) or smth but even so sway is a bit insane would be nice to have these added
  11. Nate

    Rebel Overhaul

    gives rebel more purpose as there are actually things to do. it means zones are active (which they are currently not), it means that gang wars would encourage more people to come on to do runs, to then fight in gang wars. MRAP script removal makes gunfights more fun, and help somewhat combat the current meta of people roaching everything... its almost as if you didnt read the suggestion...
  12. Nate

    Rebel Overhaul

    Rebel Overhaul Brief Summary: Rebel life seems to be dying on the server with more and more people joining whitelisted factions for the sake of gunfights with cheaper gear (or just even leaving then server altogether). The things that I am suggesting should hopefully bring more people back to rebel life, and move the gunfights away from towns and cities disrupting RP, and towards redzones. Detailed Suggestion: 1) Redzone overhaul - redzones payout increased - capture by being close to the flag not scroll wheel - increased money gained from zones, I'm sorry but
  13. Big up @Kez Atlas that was some quality playing and singing ngl
  14. Nate

    Add mopeds into the server.

    If server didn't have to be modded to add it then sure... But it does so going to have to be a -1 from me.
  15. I've seen cops land helis or whatever outside of SAF zones, impound them and then push in. Their not actually in the zone, but it's clear their impounding them so if they die, people can't take them.
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