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  1. Hahaha get a life freak, this post on your mind so bad your still responding yikes...
  2. shoutout to @Ollie5239for the thumnail @BwEnZi@CrimzonUK you were saying...
  3. Crying on my post hahaha get a grip freak. How'd u enjoy getting clapped in zones again today
  4. still raging logging after u get wiped in zones I see smh
  5. watch in 4k whenever it finishes processing
  6. If something like this were to happen again, I would contact the person who it happened to, apologize immediately, and then work towards a solution regarding comping their gear or whatever they felt was fair compensation.
  7. I never spoke to him because he never called me up on it, If he had I would have been more than happy to offer him comp and appoligize, but id assumed since there was no // direct message, or no message on teamspeak or anything that it was fine. In hindsight, you're right, I should have gone to appoligize for it regardless, rather than assume that because I had not been made aware of any issue, that there wasnt one.
  8. Unban Appeal for Nate In-game Name: nate(opp thot connoisseur Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198157307280 The date you got banned: 05/02/21 Member of the team that banned you: Nuclear Reason given for your ban: Exploiting In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: (1.4) Using any exploits. I was banned for dpi exploting in a fight with Poseidon at laundry Why should we unban you ?: First of all I never had the chance to defend myself in the original report as I was not tagged and hadn't even realise the report had been put up and
  9. just combined all rpuk clips from my montages into one.
  10. Nate

    Variety of QOL changes

    Suggestion: QOL CHANGES: Healing script leaves your gun on the fire rate it was on originally Save loadouts feature implemented for factions + rebels Make airdrops only drop black 7.62 suppressors (instead of tan + khaki 7.62 supressors) as only black supressors can be put on most the 7.62 guns anyways Remove the unessessary open door options on hunters and ifrits (hardly ever used and can be a nuisance) OTHER CHANGES; Decrease rebel mk1 price. 300k is just excessive at the end of the day. A mk18 is only like 130k, suggesting that the mk1 price be lo
  11. Nate

    PIlot helmets

    +1 idk why people are against it, it's literally just qol, and I'd much rather at night time be actually able to see everything rather than be restricted to some small oval in the middle of my screen
  12. Nate

    Border Wars

    Your missing the point Henning. While it is basically another massive rezone, the whole point of it is to get people more active in the week to grind money for gear sets or whatever it may be. Like it or not pretty much all other popular rp servers have some event like this in one way or another and it's a way to keep the community active and have something to look forward to. If you look at the player count numbers it's clear their lacking so at the very least I would rather people be actually playing on the server (even if it's only in a red zone) then going off to play with or whateve
  13. Brief Outline: Remove open door options on ifrits Detailed Suggestion: Suggesting that the open doors option on the scrollwheel menu on ifrits be removed as they serve literally no perpouse except cluttering up the scrolls wheel menu, and can be annoying when I want to switch to passenger seat quickly and instead and I have to look through like 8 different scroll wheel options to see the right one. Pros: Declutters the scroll wheel menu on ifrits Removes pointless open door options that are never even used anyways Cons: Literally none (I'm pretty sure y
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