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  1. Yeah i agree that there needs to be a rule implaced to ban people who do ERP minor or just an 20 year old idc how old people are its just wrong and more so when people RP rape whilst there are people at any age that may have been raped which if they want to escape the shit reality we are all in right now and they hop on this lovely server for the RP and fun times they should be safe at all times and maybe some people cant say stop in these situations as they go back to the moment irl when they got raped and get scared off like hell and just freeze which happens a lot. But also just rp with lik
  2. It was fun unfortunatel cody got a time penalty for corner cutting which was a hugeeee one and gave storm the win who was in the lead for every lap! Our commentator storm & co Nah it was really fun maybe next time a go kart race?? On the actual go kart track so then its gonna be used atleast once xd maybe do these races more or make a real racetrack! Where for example every week a event will be held or something
  3. Seems like an everyday life on altis tbh dont see much difference, hobo's rdming vdming and stuff medics jumping off roofs breaking their legs... aaaah a beautiful and perfectly normal life on altis...
  4. Thanks! And ofcourse always
  5. Oh shit yeah forgot u danbu but didn't know ur forum name xd
  6. Hello everyone today is my 2 years anniversary! I've have been on RPUK for 2 years now and time has flown by! It has been an amazing 2 couple of years where i have met a lot of amazing people and i wanted to say thank you to everyone! Thank you everyone for these special 2 years and lets hope we make it 2 years more! Special thanks to these few people @Riz @JaffaCakes @PipJ @Snuffles @West1 @Rapper Sjors @dantheman321 @Dcay Kevin And ofcourse the supreme leader @Whongcheng (dont worry im still communist and i'll continue your believes!) (S
  7. Do we get to know the server ip when we are in the meeting??
  8. Storm

    Better admin training

    Welp if ur not happy then dont make this post to call her the c word because thats disrespectful instead just leave and dont make shit post okay?? We dont want toxic people in our community! Thanks for your time and goodbye and never come back and happy holidays may u get scared so much u shit ur pants! (Ps we have good admins and they try their best i have respect for them because they need to deal this kind of people)
  9. Storm

    Civ Picktar

    Alex u back now 2 holy damn i gotta play more
  10. Thats fivem for u even worse with kids then arma and hackers are legit all over the place doesn't matter where u go there everywhere
  11. No i don't think there was a better way out we tried explaining him that what he was doing is Metagaming and FailRP/PoorRP but he did not want to listen so i did not agree being arrested under allegations i had indeed commited but in a different scenario we had different vehicles and only the same clothing. Second me saying the server is dead is not a reason to exploit its me saying the server is dying and gets boring very fast so if he reported me and i got banned at this point i don't care much anymore i enjoy the server how it used to be but its degrading very fast.
  12. WONG YOUR BACK FINALLY YESSSSSSSS welcome back mate lets make communism great again you got and will always have my vote i always have been wearing the communist cap ever since u left
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