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  1. Thanks jesse! And as kevin said we have something special incoming and better
  2. those were the times man but i have some other ideas with a buddy of mine xd how are u mate?
  3. Haha thanks kev my rook will always be by ur side !
  4. So well here we are... a few months after i took a break. Im back! I will be returning very shortly and hope i still got it in me. I dont know who are still here and who moved on but who remembers me how are you doing! Cant wait to see you all and the good times we are going to have! And maybe even the return of storm the arac! (Welp editting on phone is hard)
  5. It was fun unfortunatel cody got a time penalty for corner cutting which was a hugeeee one and gave storm the win who was in the lead for every lap! Our commentator storm & co Nah it was really fun maybe next time a go kart race?? On the actual go kart track so then its gonna be used atleast once xd maybe do these races more or make a real racetrack! Where for example every week a event will be held or something
  6. Seems like an everyday life on altis tbh dont see much difference, hobo's rdming vdming and stuff medics jumping off roofs breaking their legs... aaaah a beautiful and perfectly normal life on altis...
  7. Thanks! And ofcourse always
  8. Oh shit yeah forgot u danbu but didn't know ur forum name xd
  9. Hello everyone today is my 2 years anniversary! I've have been on RPUK for 2 years now and time has flown by! It has been an amazing 2 couple of years where i have met a lot of amazing people and i wanted to say thank you to everyone! Thank you everyone for these special 2 years and lets hope we make it 2 years more! Special thanks to these few people @Riz @JaffaCakes @PipJ @Snuffles @West1 @Rapper Sjors @dantheman321 @Dcay Kevin And ofcourse the supreme leader @Whongcheng (dont worry im still communist and i'll continue your believes!) (Sorry if i forgot a few people) And ofcourse special thanks to all the admins and developers for their hard and amazing work! Again thank you all! much love friendly neighbourhood communist storm (Forums says 8 january but i joined december 3th 2018!)
  10. Do we get to know the server ip when we are in the meeting??
  11. Oh thank you guys! I will try that! Thanks alot
  12. So uhm yeah i forgot my password how can i change it now without losing my account
  13. Thats fivem for u even worse with kids then arma and hackers are legit all over the place doesn't matter where u go there everywhere
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