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  1. i had to protect my self , and i got insta headshoted without damaging anyone please stop crying , when i came to ts , i cant say any single bad word bcz of my brother sitting next to me playing too so as i said am 100% sure that i was more then polite with u dont count me with the others
  2. Jason Bell : like WTF boys you reporting everyone here without even making sure that its MY FAULT did u see me holding even a gun i was the pilot of the helli lol and i got shot immediately thats not against the rules ah? its true that i was in active firing area but lol is it like if i dont have a good pc and i can't record you put al the blame at me or wat you told me to come to team speak and i came im 100% sure that i was more than polite with you and if u was recording as always go check Stop it please you and your gang bcz we triggred you befor from a robbery or smth dosent allow yo
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