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  1. But compare an hour to being the main server a streamer plays, guarantee that within that hour nobody knew what server he was playing. Compared to a streamer that plays only this server, it's a big difference.
  2. Probably one of the biggest people to stream this server and he gets banned. This server really loves getting itself out there
  3. The fun part is repairing it though, think of the endless possibilities
  4. Noticed you mentioned above that you're not really looking for a M4 Variant so would something like this be more useful? However, it's mag is only 330 and I know you were looking for 400. If 300 rounds isn't that much of a deal breaker there's also this.
  5. Thought you didn't like guns with 100rnd magazines? Jk jk, Mk200 would be wicked to have access too tbf but should definitely be an expensive loadout. If the LIMM is a 1mil loadout then the Mk200 should obviously cost more based off of how much better it is.
  6. You just gotta stop biting smh Too easy to anger
  7. Can't believe you included that setup rip smh
  8. I also heard "put your gun away or you will be shot"
  9. Runs at this point are tedious, they're long, boring and don't pay well at all, especially as Poseidon because we don't get access to half the perks. At this moment in time, runs are pretty much useless when playing as Poseidon, but giving Poseidon certain perks back would make runs so much more profitable than they currently are.
  10. 7811f4b37ebba3f732d02f0cecad585c.gif

    Rate the lobos tactics tbf

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      @Maximoh my.. I knew I felt a disturbance.

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      If that means @Maximis the good guy were all screwed! ❤️ 

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      I'm obiwan mate vroooom

  11. Tip for compression on YouTube, if you render out at 2k or 4k and upload in that resolution you get much better compression.
  12. Kez

    Border Wars

    As much as I rate this idea and the fact that it adds something more dynamic to the server I see one slight problem. If Police push back Poseidon removing salt from part of their lands as you stated, it will give Poseidon even less to do than there already is for them to do as Salt is probably the only run in Poseidon lands that's actively done. I feel like that would probably just cut down Poseidon activity through the week and then it would just consist of people joining on the Saturday to try to win it back, so in a way it completely kills an aspect of RP for one of the whitelisted fa
  13. I've been contemplating purchasing the Viper license for a while but the only real benefit I currently see is that of the free hunter that you get every restart and let's be honest, hunters aren't all that great as the glass is the equivalent to paper, but I feel like this addition would actually give me a reason to want to buy Viper for once. +1
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