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  1. Tip for compression on YouTube, if you render out at 2k or 4k and upload in that resolution you get much better compression.
  2. Kez

    Border Wars

    As much as I rate this idea and the fact that it adds something more dynamic to the server I see one slight problem. If Police push back Poseidon removing salt from part of their lands as you stated, it will give Poseidon even less to do than there already is for them to do as Salt is probably the only run in Poseidon lands that's actively done. I feel like that would probably just cut down Poseidon activity through the week and then it would just consist of people joining on the Saturday to try to win it back, so in a way it completely kills an aspect of RP for one of the whitelisted fa
  3. I've been contemplating purchasing the Viper license for a while but the only real benefit I currently see is that of the free hunter that you get every restart and let's be honest, hunters aren't all that great as the glass is the equivalent to paper, but I feel like this addition would actually give me a reason to want to buy Viper for once. +1
  4. At this point, I've said what I can in terms of supporting this report, it is up to the staff team as to what happens with it.
  5. So because the situation lasted less than 2 minutes before you were executed you feel as though it's poor RP? Where in the rules does it say that you have to spend at least 2 minutes roleplaying with the person when you've found them breaking into your property? If you could point that out it would be grand of you. Also, even though there are helicopters, there's a reason you can set your earplugs to 100%, so that the engine noise from helicopters doesn't blare over the sound of the people talking to you, did you not consider putting your earplugs to 100%? In what way is this metagamin
  6. As someone who was involved in the situation and arrived in one of the helicopters I would like to include my opinion on the matter. You claim that the incident was "Failed RP" as you were both executed despite complying with the demands that were being asked of you. Just because you complied doesn't mean your outcome will be better, we were very much aware that one of you had just attempted to break into his barn because we saw the activity on the CCTV cameras and I literally saw you move away from the barn as our helicopter was flying into the area. May I also mention that you attempte
  7. This'd be unbelievably helpful +1
  8. Rate this, would make those occasions in which you're stranded a lot easier to cope with +1
  9. That ehh at the end made it worth the watch
  10. Oops this is in the wrong sub-forum, could someone move it to the GTARP one please?
  11. Title pretty much says it all. I'm sure it was able to be bought about a week ago but since the whole delivery problem the car has disappeared completely from Simeon's and even when checking car lists it doesn't show. Surely this car wouldn't fall under the imports section considering it's a stock GTA vehicle. Was just wondering if it was purposely removed or whether or not it would be added back?
  12. +1 This is something that would help to liven up a lot more combat situations and will encourage more people to get more involved. At this point I don't see why suggestions that are clearly desired are being shut down because devs see them as the opposite. I swear this was the whole reason for the community meeting so that people could feel like their points were actually being listened to but at this point it just feels like that whole thing was useless as there's clearly been no change of opinion. By constantly turning your nose up at these suggestions that are clearly favoured you're j
  13. That's not true at all, Ibuprofen isn't used for when you need to heal and can't cancel it, Ibuprofen is used for anytime you crash and are unable to heal yourself with FAK so pop an ibuprofen instead, also ibuprofen only actually does anything when you're at 75% or above. To say it will make Ibuprofen used less is just a way of formulating another con that's not relevant to the suggestion. @Adam BrazPretty sure this isn't a con you'd agree with right?
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