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  1. @HooDibest passenger seater OG arms
  2. By all means necessary then it’s fine as soon as we got some numbers you guys can’t stop us from making money no more so we’re good. Whole point was that if there’s 3 rebels “making” money you don’t bring 15 sit on cap and have 5 going behind them, hey just a thought.
  3. From what ive seen today from a combat perspective atleast is that cops and Poseidon are killing the fights quite a bit. Tthey would have cap and will go out their way to go behind us and roach or drop people behind. Now before someone says don’t go to red zone can’t we just agree that the play style of going behind someone when you own the cap is really boring for the other side specially when it’s a gang of 3 people pushing.
  4. Peter

    Saved Loadouts

    I agree with Eddan on this one. Every Altis life server should have this!
  5. Damn you guys really like writing big paragraphs on forums. Hopefully your dev team is reading this.
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