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  1. Alright, let´s say that´s what happened... Can you explain to me which rule you broke, in your own words, and tell me what would happen if we didn´t have it in place/didn´t enforce it? What would you do in a similar situation in the future?
  2. So in other words, you are practically still involved with some of them, no? What is your opinion on the situation that occured and led to your ban, now looking back on it? Why would you involve yourself in something like this in the first place and what was the reason you for you to surround yourself with that kind of crowd?
  3. Alright then... Please quote me the rules you broke (C2.3, G2.3), explain them in your own words and what would happen if we did not have them in place/enforce them.
  4. You need to give me a little more effort than this... What made you react the way you did? What do you think the consequences for other people were in that situation? How could you have resolved this otherwise?
  5. So what was it that made you associate yourself with that group of people in the first place and involve yourself in their actions? What is your view on the whole situation now, looking back on it?
  6. Excuse me, you stated your mates game crashed when it hadn´t when you were pulled aside after you logged back in... Still, I do not understand how that was relevant to you combat logging yourself? And then, on top of that, you decided to log out once again while an admin was trying to speak to you about the situation... why is that?
  7. Hello there. As much as I appreciate the effort you put into this appeal, combat logging is a serious offense and people take up a lot of staff´s time by breaking this rule. Therefore we have put in place that it can only be appealed after 1 month has passed since the ban was placed. Please do come back after the 19/11/21 and try again.
  8. Hello there. I would like you to try again with a little more effort and without copy & pasting your last, denied unban appeal. If you don´t want to put effort in, I do not either.
  9. Hello there. The reason your ban was extended is because you broke one of our most serious rules, which warrants a permanent ban by default. I´m assuming you are aware of what it is exactly that led to you being banned, right? Is this something that is normal for you to say to people? There is no need for an apology letter, but I would like to see some effort here if you want me to even consider unbanning you...
  10. Hello there. This is very interesting... How do you ensure something does not happen again when it is out of your control? Either way, we are not born yesterday and it should be common knowledge by know that we do indeed check the logs and can tell if someone lost connection or simply quit. Due to the vast amount of people breaking this rule for whatever reason, combat logging is punished with a permanent ban and a 1 month cooldown before it can be appealed. Since you just decided to lie to me, come back in 2 months time and try something more original, like the truth for example.
  11. Hello there. So what is the status of your involvement with those certain individuals?
  12. Hello there. Your history here shows me bans for racism and exploiting... twice. Those are some of the most serious bans you can get yourself in this community and very few have had the opportunity to pile up 3 of them within not even 2 months. How do you expect us to let you back here again, when all you´ve shown us so far is a blatant disregard for the rules and actions that can only be described as selfish and disruptive?
  13. Are you still involved with the others that decided to go down that route?
  14. Hello there. So apart from breaking the rules initially, what made you decide to lie to the member of the staff team and state that your game had crashed when it hadn´t?
  15. Hello there. So what actions would you take if you ended up in a similar situation in the future?
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