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  1. I want some of your jordanian oil money plz
  2. sell them to the police xd
  3. Makenzie

    Add More Jobs

    I think with a job such as post man (or something along the lines) a player can take something in large quantity theyd like to deliver to a depot, the person who is there can talk with them about what theyd like to do (e.g. deliver to a friends house or a business delivery) or things can be ordered from somewhere and a delivery driver can bring it to your residence, but you have to be in, if not you can get those slips that royal mail give you when you aren't in so you can collect from a collection point. With a bus driver, you can buy tickets from a stall at a bus station which gives you
  4. Makenzie

    Add More Jobs

    Brief Summary: Add more jobs that are avialable to civillians Detailed Suggestion: I've seen on a couple of other servers that there are much more jobs that are available to the average player e.g. Bin Man, Bus Driver, Mail Carrier, Train Driver etc. So my my suggestion is to add jobs like these to the server as I feel that it can create alot more RP scenarios and allow for more imersion from the server itself. The addition of these jobs could introduce new licenses and items like tickets, parcels, letters, rubbish bags etc, or vehicles to hire like bin trucks, post va
  5. dont be talking about tiers rn xd but looks good and will bring more to rebel life
  6. i mustve meant to post my reply in the arma one then
  7. Team Barry Scott Makenzie (just me)
  8. vote for big lez

    1. Big Lez

      Big Lez

      @makenzie though you were dead ngl

  9. The time i blew up 12 people with a tractor because someone ran infront of it
  10. Makenzie

    Clothing Item

    can i go fo free then, make it a main event
  11. Makenzie

    Clothing Item

    ew dutty scousers
  12. Five M Server is broken already


    1. Stavik


      Are we expecting perfection all the time? Patience.

    2. Kseniya


      instead of whining it is broken, and not saying what is broken, how about you make a bug report 😉 And if you think you can do better: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forms/10-development-team-application/

    3. Jayray Holder
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