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  1. @Busterguy at this moment in time it has been put on hold due to my departure from the island in the best interest of my mental health. When I return it will continue
  2. ❤❤❤❤

    1. Louie Austino

      Louie Austino

      How you doing Baby Cakes? 

  3. @Romly did you get anything. I got info on a Poseidon opperation happening.
  4. Just so Poseidon have an better chance of robbing it its a nah from me. (even know I'm away atm)
  5. Well, See you soon rpuk, Has fun hope to return!!

  6. @Police Man Reiss Can set you up right away, I'll do you a deal of 14 for the price of 12. And do you need any 7,62 supressers at the same time?
  7. As I wa directly involved I am going to comment here. As I was running out the primary focus was on me and most people ignored fox, as I was leged by Charles they all sounded me. The only inniatation was stop run or I will be shot by the cartel, This was only for one person and as I was shot first that ment it was for me, they never said anything directly to Fox all of it was clearly directed towards me, If needed I will answer any other questions requested by staff.
  8. @Storm The Smuggler join m msg me in game
  9. Mark_02

    RPUK Raffle

    @Surgay I'll buy one
  10. @Storm The Smuggler I'm not saying to give them a pass. But it is just like @Eemil said if they are trying to do diamonds and they get jumped by 20 poseidon. This whole "Legal runs are illegal" is a shit thing to do. As if you were a new player and they just try to make some money and 20 poseidon members come at you and start shouting and then kill you, will you come back. @Nuclear it is this We are a cartel we are Hard lads. That is exactly what I'm getting at, first off all your pretending to be a member of a drug cartel, and with out the new playet base being our future then you cant do that. So rp with older members if the community and do that. But if you see some one who is new. Simpily dont be a dick to them.
  11. @Tadeusz well I'm making them on a mass scale now so.... come to me There is a mates rate
  12. See due to new players coming onto the server and having no clue what to do I think that the community should step up and help them. This could be anything from showing them how to get a pistol to showing them how to do diamonds. As the new player base is what is going to keep this community alive. From speaking to newer members of the community I have came to the realisation that poseidon are not improving the situation. I am not saying that they are the only reason but they are a contributing factor. As even know the "opperation" is a piss take people who are trying to do the legal trades like diamonds and salt are being targeted and told that they have to pay for the run. Although they have a pass. I dont see the reasoning behind this, if you were a new player and had just started, shown how to do diamonds and then go there for the cartel to say you cant do it and then scrap their trucks. A fair few newer members of the community had said that that happened to them. As well as Some members of the police they just simpily ignore the newer members and tend to the gunfights when a big part of the role is community policing, As members of a faction: Police, Poseidon and The NHS are the frount and usually the standard for rp and are quite often looked at by the newer members. What I am trying to say is that is as some long standing membere and some slightly newer members should take some time in order to help the new player base, And Staff maby if you witness a member of the community helping newer players reward them, this isn't just for staff anyone can do this really. Poseidon Please dont prohibit newer players from doing legal runs as it ruins the experience and espically if you steal/scrap their truck because what sort of message is that sending to them about our community. Police, If you see someone in need of help, Help them as you are seen as role models in the eyes of a hobo, they look to you for good rp and yous set a standard. Maby instead of prioritizing a gunfight maby take the time and help someone. NHS, well under the command of the great Louie yous are great! Anyone else, the same goes for you just like the police, provide good rp, show them how to make money, get a gun, buy a truck what ever it is as it shows the community in a good light. Ik this is long but from now on If I see someone helping a new player I am going to reward it, and I suggest you do the same as with out the new players we wont be here! ** This is my own opinion and should be taken as that**
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