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  1. @Nuclear remember that time I fraged you. Let's have a repeat
  2. @Mr Maxim I was gonna try poseidon drug stash but it would only be " Here is a documentary BANG BAGN" Mark was killed by _______ Atlas
  3. @Samantha My first time back to the server i wanted to do something Fun. Thanks for going along with it and @Snuffles sorry people showed up and made it into a gunfight. Thanks Again! Keep it up
  4. @Busterguy at this moment in time it has been put on hold due to my departure from the island in the best interest of my mental health. When I return it will continue
  5. ❤❤❤❤

    1. Louie Austino

      Louie Austino

      How you doing Baby Cakes? 

  6. @Romly did you get anything. I got info on a Poseidon opperation happening.
  7. Just so Poseidon have an better chance of robbing it its a nah from me. (even know I'm away atm)
  8. Well, See you soon rpuk, Has fun hope to return!!

  9. @Police Man Reiss Can set you up right away, I'll do you a deal of 14 for the price of 12. And do you need any 7,62 supressers at the same time?
  10. As I wa directly involved I am going to comment here. As I was running out the primary focus was on me and most people ignored fox, as I was leged by Charles they all sounded me. The only inniatation was stop run or I will be shot by the cartel, This was only for one person and as I was shot first that ment it was for me, they never said anything directly to Fox all of it was clearly directed towards me, If needed I will answer any other questions requested by staff.
  11. @Storm The Smuggler join m msg me in game
  12. Mark_02

    RPUK Raffle

    @Surgay I'll buy one
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