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  1. Behind the scenes of the greatest role-player of all time


  2. welcome back dude

    1. Biscottiverdee


      ❤️ feels good to be home!

    2. YoCo


      Welcome back Fan boy @Biscottiverdee

    3. Biscottiverdee


      hahaahaha xD gonna catch you slipping in stratford one day, just wait @YoCo

  3. Let fucking goooo, thanks Bowen!! I accept the conditions, you wont regret your decision!!!
  4. Hello @Bowen OrionThanks for your time, I am truly grateful for being allowed back so many times, I wish I could go back to the earlier days where I didn't take this server seriously at all and just saw it as a way to kill time. I would've done things very differently but I was young, immature and had reckless behaviour without seeing consequence unless it was handed to me on a plate. I had tendencies to get carried away in the "fun" thus resulting in some out of pocket decisions. I only started to improve as I had to take school and work life more seriously. I started to grow an actu
  5. Unban Appeal for Biscottiverdee In-game Name: Biscotti Server: Community Banned Steam ID: 76561198168829471 The date you got banned: 01/07/20 Member of the team that banned you: Cannot remember Reason given for your ban: Harbouring a banned member In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Playing with someone who was ban evading Why should we unban you ?: I got a bit too carried away and I didn't think playing with someone who was ban evading could get me banned at the time. After the response that I got from my last appeal, I
  6. -Biscotti BIG +1 on the property business idea. -A "buy to let" system. Buying a property, modernising the interior and either renting it out or selling it. I think that would be nice. If its possible, a store that advertises the properties would be sound.
  7. I want to buy a barn
  8. Your In-game name CC Biscotti Name of the player(s) you are reporting Hutch Date of the incident 04/25/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 2000 What best describes this incident ? VDM Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident Ive spawned my orca, about to get in it to fly off and fella rams into my heli with his go cart. He shows he doesn't really care and hes just on the server for the laughs from pissing other players off. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot)
  9. He clearly says in the clip, "if they don't come back, they're going to be shot" and the officer stops searching the area. This is the only threat i see in this video. When i ran to the back of the building, all i hear is "dont come back dude, your gonna be shot" and not even half a second later, i get shot. At the time, to me this was a clear cut case of rdm. It looked to me he panicked and shot. This is the reason i gave his position away when downed. I thought that considering you can scratch the NLR rule if it was a clearcut case of rdm, then it wouldn't be wrong if you gave the position a
  10. Your In-game name PC Biscotti [5853] Name of the player(s) you are reporting DonTryMoRe Date of the incident 03/31/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 1400 What best describes this incident ? RDM Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident As you can see in the video, we pulled up to the bank, had a little bit of conversation, it was clear to me he was robbing the bank and so i decide to go to the back and try initiate but before i could even pull my gun, i was merked. I tried to get
  11. "Okay well, What I actually said is ''Put your hands on your fat head and if you pull a weapon your going to be knocked out". No. No you did not mate. Maybe you should watch the clip. "Now to put some context in to the situation and reasoning as to why I got aggressive so fast;" There's nothing wrong with being aggressive, so why you feel the need to say this in your reply, i don't really know. As a cop on the server, i deal with loads of aggressive players, but being "aggressive" doesn't mean you display complete poor role play. "we were met with zero RP on your end therefore we e
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