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  1. oioi didnt i say she looked like james charles or some shit tbh tho james is cute tho

  2. Maverick Delta

    Border Wars

    I agree. If it was even like in the original suggestion it would just flip the situation around, as police have to fight against Poseidon who are much better equipped and teaming rebels. Also some police are still going to be dealing with the general server not focusing on the event which means that a higher number is needed to maintain roleplay throughout the island and still keep it even in the event.
  3. Teaching student to jump off the hospital smh
  4. I mean there was tons of new people in Kavala yesterday, all asking questions. And although I spent a good amount of time answering them I had other things to do, so a better system would be a great help to them.
  5. Umm well I was tired and accidentally rented it... smh Can the number plate be: Mavrick And put on the vehicle: Hatchback Sport (The beast) | KU70 EON
  6. Ayyy thank you, Can I get 2, 3 please. (As these will waste the most of your time ) Can the number plate be: Mavrick and put it on my: Hatchback Sport (The beast) | KR70 WKY
  7. I mean the suggestions are similar but still quite different. Although reducing the weight to 0 will solve one of the problems, moving them back to physical will remove us from a balancing act between having a limited amount of weight and having as many as you want. Also with arma being limited on the number of physical objects it would be nice to see these utilised as it gives us the ability to drop them on the ground ect, rather than virtual item which can be created at will, but are harder for newer players to use combined with the server being complicated enough for new players a
  8. Someone hasn't been in a car while @ACC LastNickLeftis driving XD
  9. I love it when in gunfights, however for new people or people trying to make money it isn't as good
  10. Brief Summary: Put Medikits and First Aid Kits back to physical items but keeping the new scripts Detailed Suggestion: Revert Medikits and First Aid Kits back to physical items but keeping the new scripts surrounding them. Although the new changes are great with the ability to stop healing and have rebels use Medikits, it doesn't benefit the people who are trying to make money doing runs, it is already hard enough to make money so taking up extra storage from people as 1 First Aid Kit == 2 Weight is quite off putting. Also with the removal of sway it is makes the change back mor
  11. Thank you Ill read them all to you if you want proof haha
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