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  1. U still looking 4 a barn?
  2. You bitch. What's the damn point Haha (I will find away to make Talia Mar rule altis just u watch)
  3. Action with the intention of getting put on the most wanted page wont get you added. We are not here to reward people for crimes
  4. This link is a tutorial on the wiki to downloading the mission file while not on the server therefore stopping you losing progress when kicked. @youngmihnea https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Guide:Mission_File_Syncing
  5. Record it and report it, Other than that don't break a rule yourself (RDM) to prevent them, initiate on them if they are causing a issue to your situation. (My opinion)
  6. Who was in a Intop patrol at 6am watching sister act? XD
  7. Drew? Who? His name is now Ernie, and he drives the fastest milk float in the west
  8. Its also because you can land a heli on top easily, which you cant do in the normal garage as it is a green zone.
  9. Hope everyone watching the stream had a good night
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