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  1. 8==D- ~ ~ ~

    1. Maverick Delta

      Maverick Delta

      New phone who this?

  2. I’m sure I can stretch past Poseidon, just hit me up bro
  3. Hello Simon, I wasn't aware my shadowplay created a new folder for FiveM. However I found it and here you go: https://imgur.com/v63chO1
  4. See, @Jollycouldnt make this kinda quality content
  5. U still looking 4 a barn?
  6. You bitch. What's the damn point Haha (I will find away to make Talia Mar rule altis just u watch)
  7. Action with the intention of getting put on the most wanted page wont get you added. We are not here to reward people for crimes
  8. This link is a tutorial on the wiki to downloading the mission file while not on the server therefore stopping you losing progress when kicked. @youngmihnea https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Guide:Mission_File_Syncing
  9. Record it and report it, Other than that don't break a rule yourself (RDM) to prevent them, initiate on them if they are causing a issue to your situation. (My opinion)
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