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  1. Sounds good, wouldn't do 1st person only until the monthly patch in august. They are adding a FOV slider for 1st person in that update, and fixing the scaling. Right now the camera is way too low and it makes a lot of people (myself included) feel motion sick. But I'm up for it!
  2. He's back at it again. God save us all. https://clips.twitch.tv/AffluentCrispyBoarCeilingCat
  3. We also by chance got matched in the same game as "Jordzy" which according to @Kech and @blaze1981 is somebody that plays here. Was pretty funny as we were stuck in the water for ages talking to each other. Pretty good game all round. Bonus clip of a pretty neat boat shot.
  4. It's way too much fun ;)
  5. Blaze's death laugh is one of the best things you will ever hear in your life
  6. Been doing ATV acrobatics since I was 3
  7. Directed by the same person, thats probably why ;)
  8. Playing FIFA 17 Pro Clubs now. Join blazes room on ts if you want to play.