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  1. @MaximYou never finished your sentence. I am curious what the second half was
  2. Hostage taking. Get the NCA on XD
  3. You forgot that @CrimzonUKis banned... I am more than happy to take the spot
  4. When I read this and spilled my tea on my keyboard. Luke I blame you! On a real tho this is getting screenshotted Not falling for it:
  5. I've been forced by Simon to comment this
  6. This Friday. Want to see all the cop slots full and Poseidon too. If the server is going to get the plug treatment. Lets make the last night memorable #ALTISRPUKFOREVER

    1. Jason


      What if Friday isnt the last night? They ain't gonna pull the plug without anyone being alerted and such. 

  7. Will do. Thank you for your quick response and quick resolve!
  8. Yeah I fully agree. However what's the point if wilco himself lost hope for it
  9. Like @JaffaCakessaid. You were asked to refrain from responding as your replies clearly were there to cause drama or with malicious intent. I won't respond anymore unless an admin asks for a response
  10. Report a player Your In-game Name: Joseph Triton Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Danbu, Tom Mcolson Which server did the incident take place on: Forum Date of the incident: 04/27/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 1100 What best describes this incident ?: Trolling on the forums, Using threads out of their purpose C5.1 C5.3 Please (in detail) describe the incident: To put it simply Danbu and Tom Mcolson are using the Relic recruitment page out of its original purpose. In more detail: After danbu got kicked from Relic he had started to li
  11. I bet you the cops on fiveM are currently doing all the best trying to take the video down
  12. I personally think that removing the perma ban will skyrocket the amount of people who do it. After all its an RP server and if you combat log in an RP scenario for the enitre day then well, the scenario is gone
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