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  1. As Wilco said he won't read... His head is too far up his own a***. Well I'll be making contributions to ArmA. By steal (killerrabbit) making assets Seems to be a recurrence of RPUK not listening to their own community. I wonder how long FiveM will last... Fivem is in a lawsuit, your server too, you think you can write a poem, but it's as tasteless as you, your logo be looking like a knockoff valorant two, it's a shame rpuk isn't worth playing, you've lost the income, You remind me of the word "Tiananmen", I'll call you "Kim Jong Two" Thanks Silence for the poem!
  2. Oh yeah we do know the truth. Let me clear up the issues for you that we the players of RPUK can all agree... 1) Management have given up with the ArmA server and are neglecting their own past and beginning 2) Development has slowed down alot in the last couple of months. And each time a new update is to come we are told it's going to be a big one. 3) ArmA in itself is losing steam and interesting however saying it's old and not much interest is in it. Is (putting it lightly) complete and utter BS. Have you taken a look at the steam workshop or any community. I can guess your answer 4) You guys are promoting RP like it's the answer to world hunger. The reasons other servers are up and running and have players that enjoy their time is because... people in power and ability to do things are doing their own job. Whilst the only people I see on ArmA that have any sort of power to help the server are in this list: ... All in all I am sure that if you pulled your head out of the (Insert Word Here) the server would be all good. You'd have people coming on and even have more funding for the FiveM server. I've said it once and I'll say it again here. ArmA isn't dead. RPUK is. And in my opinion the opportunity to fix the damage caused is gone. Well beyond that point now. Especially since the owner himself has hinted that the server will be closed down. Enjoy FiveM whilst it lasts. Last I heard it's dying too
  3. Love to see management helping out
  4. It's not even that. Just the lack of updates
  5. No need to start drama over a game. Let's just leave the forums and not argue over an in-game incident shall we?
  6. Just when I was about to try FiveM...... I feel that's the experience in a nutshell
  7. See this is now YOUR failure to read the rules of a report correctly. I am more than happy for it to be denied due to the time constraints issue. If you ever read the page correctly it clearly states it "MAY" be denied. Due to the wording of that from what I can tell and been told by ex staff members of the RPUK staff team. Its up to the administration team to decide. I am more than sure that this report has been seen by admin more than once. And still it hasn't been removed. I told you the reason I wasn't able to abide by the time constraints further up. Now just because Crimzon had said that it's resolved, what he should've said is "It's resolved for the time being". That time being was to ensure that you had the time necessary to come back and finish the RP scenario. Which you did not. He is infact the leader yes I agree. However I had not been made of this at ANY point. From either your side or my side. It was something said as part of a conversation and I had not been told this. Either way I am pursuing this report What I'll also state is the fact that me and you were in a liason and I had joined your discord server. Meaning you had all the ways to contact me. Not to mention you could have asked someone in game to shoot me a message in-game in order for me to be aware of your problem. Again a failure on your part as from all the screenshots supplied you never asked for anyone to attempt to contact me. Also as a final message from me. It seems like this report of going round in circles and nothing new is being brought to the table. Due to this I will not longer reply to this report unless a member of the staff team requests me to do so
  8. Yet this report is up. It dosen't matter that it had been said its resolved. In the end you broke a rule and failed to notify me of your situation. Hence this report. Can you answer that?
  9. So you have explained your side of the story. Now can you tell me why you didn't make an attempt to make me aware of the situation in question
  10. https://youtu.be/uyjtpUM8NFA (Disclaimer: If you are offended your a snowflake. Please take a joke)
  11. If ill be honest with you kooki it seems to me that your friend messed up and your attempting to fix his mistake if I'll be fully honest with you. I'll let the dealing admin decide on that.
  12. Hello, Yes there was a deal to resolve the situation was to in fact come back onto the server and finish the RP scenario. You say the internet went down and couldn't come onto the server however you made no effort to sort the situation out or to inform me of your connectivity issues via asking someone in game to let me know of your issue. This has nothing to do with anything going on report on a fellow gang member. Let's not discuss reports that are not yet conclusive and dealt with by the staff team shall we? And yes at the time (Day of incident) I wasn't going to report you as I wanted to try to resolve the scenario. I stayed up until about 10 in the afternoon and was too tired to fill out the report. The following day my internet had been worked on by my ISP and I wasn't able to upload the video clip and couldn't fill out the report. I was only able to get this uploaded today after uploading for a considerable amount of time You might wanna check that Could you explain the WiFi logo at the top showing your phone had access to the nearest WiFi spot. Couldn't you just connect to that on your PC. Or had you pulled the plug and forged this whole ordeal to make you avoid the return onto the server
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