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  1. nah mate give them a ghosthawk that revives people when you hit them with the guns
  2. also the lagg was horrible
  3. Sirdaanslot

    Border Wars

    and poseidon got 2 ifrits wich are way better mraps then hunters so thats balanced
  4. Sirdaanslot

    Border Wars

    you got ar who can pull out hunters si+ who can and senior agents in nca but generaly nca are more restricted with pulling hunters yup but henchmen can get silencers if im not wrong and you already got car95 100rnd wich better is better imo then promet plus promets are not in pc/sgt whitelisting they have to reaqeust it to a rank that does have it wich normally doesnt get all to often
  5. Sirdaanslot

    Border Wars

    Yup 2 hours would be great and he the server had the same idea since its crashed at tqo hours. But what really fucked up the balance wasnt overwelming numbers it was the fact that at the start it was litterly 15 cops against 5-7 poseidon. And we just keep getting more people logged on then poseidon thats how we locked down the zones in the beginning also 25 against 40 should be fine since it litterly tpok 4 cops to lockdown 1 cap so they should be easily overwelmed by you pos and rebels but thats something for rebels and command to figure tactics out. I would suggest simce its a community even
  6. Doesnt nvidia have color blind filters nkt sure tough sonce i dont hAve it
  7. you can also just get a car from rebel vehycle shop it has different licence plate
  8. 100rnd missed is still the same as 30rnd missed marty xxx
  9. 2 mraps are the limit for cops if i am not mistaken
  10. i think its about border wars. but please follow this format to make it a bit more understandable for the general public.
  11. this is border wars against police/poseidon rebels are just there to mess with them and to earn cash and have fun
  12. exactly so why are you saying we should play rebel then it was suggested. police and poseidon cammand said there were discusions about well maybe this is a start to like you know actualy make it happen or maybe not.
  13. whats that suposed to mean. its just a qeustion and personally i dont like playing rebel nor can i play rebel since i am a cop remember not.
  14. if the drug stash is outside there border can we raid it then as cops? should be intresting if we can
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