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  1. What about casino pls let that be a thing still and make it so we can spend as much as we want.
  2. just dont combat log its not that hard
  3. dont get me wrong good question but this explanation was meant for arma i think
  4. well then they are full of shit just like the satement itself. sorry not gonna sugar coat it pretty simple come across a liason like that again record it send to one of the cc's and they will deal with it especially sciencefreak
  5. Its not in the handbook whatsoever
  6. +1 one that one also i think its time to get this rule in black and white and not a grey area like it is now since depending on what staff member you ask you get a different answer. time for clarity on this one
  7. just a quick heads up we had eyes on you the minute you were on the island were you are doing drugs. since me and 5 others were lurking underwater and on the sea as part of an mpu patrol. we also have like 3 darters(drones) in the air watching you and almost the entirety of pyrgros. since we were underwater we couldnt chase you when you drove away but spartan and an other patrol were close by so we asked them for help. other then that the way they rp´ed to arrest you is out of my hands but we did caught you doing drugs red handed. also dont ask me for recording of the whole ordeal since you didnt msg me that you had a problem i didnt save the video of me watching you do drugs i hope you understand that. also if you feel we didnt follow the law put up ppc in the police section of the forums and get that stuff sorted there. that will be all from me
  8. depends on the composition of the modlist and how well the unit devs have made optimized it.
  9. mystix gone from npas simon oneshot has taken his place
  10. i use a arctis 7 wireless i love it dont see a thing wron good mic pretty good audio plus contant software updates from steelseries
  11. thx for your time spend in the police. was a blast
  12. also the lagg was horrible
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