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  1. @Richardd Noone else involved said anything so Im withdrawing the report Staff please close when able
  2. @Richardd I think we can agree that many factors such as it was late we were all tired etc led up to the situation Ill wait for any of the others to reply if you can get in contact with them that would be great
  3. @Richardd Look gonna be honest I was tired when I put this report up we both made mistakes im happy to withdraw the report if you are?
  4. @1000Phoenix Hi phoenix, The Sessionheads shows ah different guy than you with 657 I apologies for what was said but quite frankly there was no attempt at RP in my opinion hence why this report is up I admit what was said was out on annoyance after a poor attempt at RP and yes I considered the FIRST time I was rammed as desync but they as Barnicle boy decided to do it a couple more times when I realised it wasn't and I pulled my gun after he attempted to kick me off my bike yet again at speed which was a clear threat to my life Regarding the Value of life, I thought I had a chance as there was only one guy with a weapon out at me. secondly as previously stated yes I completely forgot about the whole Injury thing I'm not going to lie gonna be honest I know I did wrong here but the main reason this report is up because officers had been having the same standard of RP from your group all night and quite frankly it is unacceptable Also not as an excuse but when I said Spakka I meant the meaning to be moreorless Muppet and not what that term inparticular means however it was said in the heat of the moment and I do understand thats what said is said so again not an excuse
  5. Report a player Your In-game Name: PC Scott Ozzy Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: 741, 657 ,800 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 05/21/22 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 130 What best describes this incident ?: Shocking Attempt at half assed RP as an excuse to RDM,VRDM me Please (in detail) describe the incident: Poor RP given throughout with no real effort put it starts of i get asked for my handcuffs which i refused and outta nowhere a bike says "barnicle boy" and hits me off my bike twice i then attempt to meet up with my collegues who were doing a training somewhere and i am yet given no effort RP and eventually leads to me attempting to shoot the bike as he is posing an imminent threat to life and i then get hit off my bike with a car and downed the end of this RP (Not shown in video as I had stopped recording trying to get this clip) they took me to a dodgy doctor and revived me and after this I decided to try my luck and make an escape as only 1 had a weapon out and threatening me however I realise looking back that this wasn't a good decision by me as I didn't consider my injuries and the fact I just got revived so ill take whatever punishment for that when we spoke in liason about it the breakdown of there reasons was "Its my character" I was also then told I was lucky to not get banned on the spot due to "NLR, NVL" Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/YoGUzFgvXJk This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  6. pineapple on a meat feast pizza is well worth it sweet and savoury is the best


  7. Huh thought we had solved this in TS oh well.... ill tag the other 2 who were involved please note that stuart is being tagged because he was involved and can also help me explain again what happened and NOT AS A MEMBER OF STAFF @Stuart The other officer involved is PPC Chopper Reid but I cannot find his forum profile Im going to link the recording of our discussion as honestly Im not sure why this report went up as we explained in detail exactly what happened Yes I can see it looked shitty but I had you dead to rights it was a unfortunate side effect of game mechanics which is less that ideal but is well known for not being fantastic on GTAV FiveM TLDR for the video is that I had tazed Jake then went to place in cuffs but as I had hit my keybind to cuff him I was punched by his mate which delayed the animation of me cuffing him until after I had stopped stumbling which had allowed jake to stand up and hit the keybind to get into the car You had said to us in TS it wasnt about the shotgun but now it is? Lets be honest you say your RP was altered but you dont RP the aftereffects of being Tazed because I can tell you know RL a individual who has been tazed cannot just get up and run after a few seconds if Im honest it just seems like your unhappy because you lost a shotgun which I can appreciate is expensive The reason the chat went in circles is because everytime it was explained to you what happened your reply was either "But it altered my RP" or "You know you messed up but still continued" anyways here is the video link feel free to contact me in TS if you want me to explain it you again (Please Note my OBS is set to record the Game only so during most of this I was either Tabbed out in TS or watching my POV of the incident which I believe he attached in his report)
  8. We didnt know each other but still cheers for all the work you put in mate and hope to see you around
  9. @DrewLooks like a sound build should be good I went with a 3070 because you can track them down right now I was gonna offer to build it for you haha but seen you already placed the order though trust me building PCs is very simple
  10. @Kenzie Blue unfortunately I haven't got my POV I came thru the doors and saw you next to my other officer with a knife I was unsure of your intentions apart from the fact you were an imminent threat and I acted accordingly unfortunately you decided to make yourself a threat and I utlized my tazer by shooting at your centre of mass which is proven by the fact you got tazed so it means your body was exposed by the fact the barbs contacted you. and please see attached in the earlier comment the video of you in liason...
  11. @Kenzie Blue Hi Kenzie, You were in clear sight of me at least in my eyes as proven by the shot I took which made contact with you. it was not known to be a hostage situation I was clearing the building I saw thru the window you holding my partner at knifepoint and as per Card Alpha also known as Rules of Engagement I had the right to not only taze you but I was also within my rights to use lethal force but I utilized the non-lethal option as it was what I had drawn and available so yes I acted as I was trained to do and to quote Card Alpha "Lethal Force can be used when you HONESTLY BELIEVE there is imminent risk to life or limb"
  12. Hi Kenzie I am PC Ozzy (425) I was the one that tazed you I will be speaking from my point of view and the other officer will speak from his side We had reports of people in MRPD in which myself and P/PC Garrett responded and began clearing MRPD which I would like to point out in the main hub of police on the island I had cleared the bottom floor and moved up to the second floor and saw you holding P/PC Garrett at Knifepoint to which I immediately responded by tazing you please note the way a tazer works: The X26 which is the model we have fires 2 small probes into your body it then delivers a powerful electric current at around 50,000 volts at around 19 pulses a second for approximately 5 seconds this results in all the muscles in your body contracting so that you cannot move and naturally you will fall to the ground because of this as you are temporally paralysed Effectively you lose control of your body that means my decision to fire my X26 tazer at you was of minimal risk to my other officer and it was my honest belief that this was the best course of action with the minimal decision timing I had I had not spotted your friend as he was either hidden next to the door or blocked by the door frame when I made my decision to fire the other officer will comment on the other points you made as for our attitude we were calm in TS and came when requested to which you came in and was extremely hostile we showed no attitude when we tried to explain to you but you decided we were lying and neither myself or my other officer appreciate this and said to your mate that we are willing to speak to you again after you have calmed down and I will be uploading a video and attaching it shortly showing our conversation Edit: Video of the Liazon: https://youtu.be/QaBtD1ZTXHE
  13. Hey @Double Ill come speak to you in TS Just for Reference to the situation it was told to me and other officers it was an on going gunfight with posideon and Double was running into it It came over radio that another posideon member was running into the area and I was on the road out of the town and looked back and saw said member running into the town so I shot Double but didnt see that he was unarmed as he was facing away from me however I PID'ed him as posideon because of the uniform and I evaluated this as a threat to life of my fellow officers However I will come to speak to you @Doublewhen i can on TS Regards Ozzy
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