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  1. It will be difficult to get them in bulk like that
  2. I wish mine would load instead of just crashing
  3. Dan

    SAF drop overhaul.

    I would like to see the mar-10 as a very rare item in the drop
  4. Dan

    Reduce Ziptie prices

    Stop being broke, if you zip tie someone you can steal all their stuff which could be worth 400-500k if they have a mk1
  5. Stylish and powerful? You cannot change the colours and they are just plain shit as mraps go
  6. Why don’t Relic use them for once?
  7. This comment is ridiculous as you did the same at church, as seen in the second video and screenshots. You intention was obvious in my opinion and that was to prevent us making money. This is not the point. The point is that you tapped the zones to prevent our pay checks coming in! We could have capped it back but we were roleplaying in Kavala and defending castle.
  8. Sorry about this although I do think the comment about this being stupid is unnecessary. Under further investigation somebody has sent me a screenshot of the AR channel which seems to be all those involved with red zones at the time. https://ibb.co/vk6rw1V
  9. I hit enter before I could fill out the bottom section, I have since fixed. So you're telling me almost everytime you come to zones you first decide to capture laundry and church then think, 'GB like to zerg,' so you then come to castle leaving other zones at 95%? To be honest this just sounds like a massive lie.
  10. Screenshots taken afterwards as well at a few different times. Taken at: 16:45 https://ibb.co/DpkyDXm Taken at 16:56 https://ibb.co/QH7n0qF Taken at 17:00 https://ibb.co/z8bSMzC Taken at 17:06 https://ibb.co/9cQ7bCL Taken at 17:11 https://ibb.co/7RdhYTK Taken at 17:29 https://ibb.co/VSdKqzL This shows they had no intention of even going back to capture them, merely just tap them!
  11. Your In-game name Dan Name of the player(s) you are reporting Police Force online at 16:50 Date of the incident 07/25/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 1650 What best describes this incident ? Trolling Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident I cannot name anybody in particular which is why I am reporting all cops online at 16:50 on 25/7/2020 (It was not only AR or NCA at zone, loads of randoms). This is not the first time this incident has occured and I believe it to be a very u
  12. Maybe vehicles like this can be in SAF drops. You know what I mean not hidden in the little box but instead of the box a great fucking vehicle drops from the sky. This could make things fun, different and interesting occasionally!
  13. I don’t understand why police or Poseidon need this. Maybe to dominate red zones even more when they come over? You say it will effect gunfights massively depending on which factions have access to this. How is that fair for rebels?
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