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  1. I would never again leave before checking my surroundings and make sure I am leaving in an appropriate time. I will be a lot more cautious with making sure I am not making anyones RP experience any worse. Seems very selfish of me that I did what I did and I regret it very much. I will strive to roleplay to the best of my ability and make sure this never happens again.
  2. @Bowen OrionNo. When I got back to my PC I was still standing in the gunner seat of the quillin. I never ejected nor got out of the vehicle.
  3. @Jefke VNo absolutely not. I was not at my computer, I just came back because I noticed 5 minutes had passed since I was AFK and wanted to disconnect from the server. If I had noticed that I was being shot at then I would ofcourse stay and finish the scenario. As said in the initial message, I should have looked around if I was a part of any active scenario but I did not and I regret that very much.
  4. Hello @Bowen Orion, sorry about that. I think this should be my SteamID 64: 76561198313696174
  5. Unban Appeal for TimeLess In-game Name: Micheal DeSanta Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198313696174 The date you got banned: 03/08/21 Member of the team that banned you: KeirT Reason given for your ban: Rule 1.5 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned for combatlogging and leaving the server but I do not know what was happening during the time I left. Why should we unban you ?: I understand to 100% that this seems like i tried avoiding a scenario but in all honesty it really was not the case. So I was sitting in my friends car and he was cruising around. I told him that I was going AFK for a quick moment and I did not think it would be longer than 5 minutes. Ended up being about 10 minutes and when I noticed that I ran back to my PC to disconnect from the server. I quickly tried to disconnect and did not notice we were running away from anyone. I still am unsure of what we were running from. I should have looked around and should have made sure that we were not in any scenario or anything. I understand my wrong and im extremely sorry if this put a negative effect on anyones RP experience. I can asure you I will never do the same mistake ever again and will be extremely with checking if there is anything going on around me that I am a part of before disconnecting from the server. I really love this community and I enjoy playing on it very much. Once again, im so sorry. If you could please give me one more chance I would really, really, appreciate it. Thank you. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  6. @RuTHLeSS INFO I understand that 100%. But I don't think I could have done anything else, tried giving him commands and I told him consequence if commands were not followed. When he took out a gun I did not think about that it automatically makes you take it out and then when he looked at me, that is when I thought that he is going to shoot at me now, so I did not want to die and started shooting him instead of me getting shot at.
  7. I did not think about the bug or function that you pull out a gun after looking away from the tablet, I just was scared that you were going to fire at us. The other guy threatend to shoot me and I had a advantage and the element of suprise on him to shoot at him first. I was told before this robbery and asked the people online in chat about the FearRP rule. I got told multiple times that this rule does not exist. I asked for a double check to make sure that I will do the right thing. I could not find or hear any FearRP rule so I took the shot. Now why we did not stay is because we had not taken anyones communitcations and the other guy came after the incident occured. We were worried that poseidon had gotten a call and were on their way, we do not in any way have more power in poseidon both in knowledge and in numbers so we decided to get out of the area.
  8. We told you about 6 times to put your hands up and then you took out a weapon and started looking at us. I took that as a threat and in pure self defence I shot at you.
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