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  1. just quick question,i havent been active in a while,  im just curious about an old friend @Roberts.  does anyone know why he got banned

    1. Coco


      He got banned for giving out information he shouldn’t have, I believe

    2. Wilco


      Cannot recall, might be better to add him to steam and ask

  2. i heard U N C L E has one for sale
  3. damn he really got banned, was a funny guy
  4. What happened to FiveM?


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    2. Wilco


      @Milk N Chilli is a switched on character, and more content is what it will get in due course.

    3. Stealthee
    4. Chilli


      @Wilco i know that just what i was saying its dryed up due to new release and nto many devs on it so @Stealthee thanks for trying to get more stuff for the future 

  5. @K I E R A N the previous 15 mins show no interaction with you or your firend who vdm'd me so it has no relevance.
  6. Your In-game name Sherra Floni Name of the player(s) you are reporting Kieran Knox Date of the incident 03/03/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 2239 What best describes this incident ? RDM Which server did the incident take place on Five M Please (in detail) describe the incident So I was getting tailed by the police man for running a red light which is understandable i was then VDM'd by another player so i was already dead, kieran knox then proceeded to hit my friend with his car then stab him to death with his machette. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://youtu.be/ADrrejxkPxQ This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
  7. This kept constantly happening with multiple cars blowing up not sure if it was a hacker?https://gyazo.com/e81d5212c04285dc9d2e12c36777ee66

  8. Posted on our block, grove street is ours.


  9. i mean im down to beat all of you guys in a race (lightwork) but either this is a big coincidence or you just deadass stole my idea
  10. Just been made aware of the new G1.8 rule which summed up is Unrealistic driving.

    I wanted to start a street racing scene in los santos because i think it would be so fun and players could make money by winning races or players could pink slips their cars.

    As i have just seen the new rule i did not want to get a bunch of players to start driving super quick which is stated to be 'unrealistic' but people really do this in real life so didnt want to start any drama but thought i would ask a member of staff if we would get banned or in any trouble for doing this.

    Here is a quick example of what i mean, there is a bunch of clips like this aswell.


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    2. pZz


      I am not a staff member so I can't answer that with 100% certainty, neither am I a police officer but I would assume so, play off crashes like real life, roleplay as injured, stop the car maybe call the NHS if it was a violent one. And street racing is illegal to my knowledge so if the police comes you should stop or run, that's up to you.

    3. Coco


      I spoke about this on discord the other day after someone was banned for this rule and to sum it up you can be a street racer and such but don’t be stupid about it. Don’t go crashing into every object and pedestrian you see just because you can and if you do then try to do some kind of RP that you’re injured or checking on the injured etc.


      Street racing overall is completely fine though.

    4. George R

      George R

      Im still gonna drive fast, just not 140MPH  through tight alleyways XS

  11. ermm, bit confused to be honest i logged off gta rp last night with @Wicker and ive just spawned in and it says i logged off when dead and i lost all my guns and the rest of stuff in inventory, can anyone help?


    1. ESLBucks


      You're not alone


  12. I have just clicked on this account and got some SERIOUS nostalgia with that michael intro omg

    1. Aiden


      Before GTA came out originally, I don't think I can recall how much time I spent watching the trailers, but it was a massive amount of time. Scary to think that was about 6.5 years ago.

    2. Serratoni


      The hype was so good when each character had their trailer and man time really does fly

  13. Live reaction of me opening @Uncle Adam profile 


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