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  1. beautiful flowers, stomped on for hours

  2. as sad as it is, it probably is for the best for now, hopefully you guys can revisit arma when arma 4 comes out whenever that is.
  3. Is the factions such as NHS and police (poseidon if it is staying) are the ranks and members getting reset. I why you wouldn't but personally I think it would be a good idea as it would open doors for new people to be leaders and what not for a newly structured experience when dealing with these factions on the server.
  4. Will there still be Altis, or are you shifting attention and what-not over to Malden now. Looks great btw
  5. The reason why RPUK has single digit players most days is cause no one RP's, there is no incentive to though so how can you expect them to.
  6. How can you do this? This is outrageous. It's unfair.

    1. Sau


      Take a seat, young Skywalker

  7. -.-- --- ..-   ... - ..-  .--. .. -..
    -. ---   ..   -. --- -
    .-- .... .- - ...   ----.   .--. .-.. ..- ...   .---- -----
    ..--- .----
    -.-- --- .--   ... - .-- .--. .. -..

    1. M


      very interesting 

  8. Definitely props to the devs for what they can do but you cant deny how much mods expand the sandbox, gameplay all that stuff, I might be wrong but im pretty sure most people who play arma use mods more then they play vanilla arma.
  9. Arma 3 without mods is boring, its why bohemia prop up modders so much, most of us probably bought Arma 3 because we saw modded videos on yt.
  10. On Discord its just Brad, on the server my nickname was Vexed as I have linked my discord to the forums.
  11. What are you on about, when did I promote another server? and what 'crap' did i post in other channels.
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