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  1. just check if you're on discord or not if not you probably have but i would try joining again (link should be Discord.gg/roleplay if i'm not wrong) if you are banned either join TS, since you got hacked and so on or make a unban appeal for it
  2. imagine @Simon Rossbeing an adult
    what has life come to

  3. we haven't really talked before but either way, enjoy your RPUK retirement and hope to see you pop up here and there
  4. so as per sciences response to my last post, is someone who knows how to able to make a police offroad skin?

  5. the real question is, do police get a offroad now?

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    2. Nikolai


      if i knew how to make textures that looked good for vehicles on arma i would, but hey ho

    3. WhoisDan


      @sciencefreak74What's gonna happen with faction hierachy? Is it gonna be a case of start from scratch or will the current police leadership be transferred over?

    4. sciencefreak74


      That is an interesting one and one I have been speaking to the faction command about over the course of the evening. We can't have a functioning Police/ NHS if all the factions start from scratch but I can also understand why people would want to see a refresh. Each faction command will be announcing what will be happening with their faction and their faction members over the next week hopefully.

  6. nice to see gonna be alot different from what we're used to i suppose
  7. congrats to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    1. Bowen


      commiserations to Denmark 😉

    2. Nikolai


      i mean, atleast alot of danish friends i know aren't happy 😉

  8. sounds weird i would try and join ts(ts.roleplay.co.uk) and ask in join for support
  9. what does it say when you try to join?
  10. damn my unban account have been a thing for a year de5a759ef91850bcd89515eceb4fac76.png


    1. M


      ban him again so he has to make a new one

  11. location matters
  12. i mean, sizes are being increased slowly, nothing much else can be done?
  13. how the hell did you even get a CST beret
  14. you should just be able to click on their name and delete them from there
  15. imagine TBJ acting other than that, good luck with the show if you get enough people and so on
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