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  1. i did say i would see you on the forums "kiddo" 😉

    1. Tuf Motty

      Tuf Motty

      I can't believe this herecy! Im going to report you to the police! #WAP #SundayWithTheKids #CoronaVirus #UK #Denmark #Serbia

  2. gold command doesn't make them, they just approve them(mostly) either way i agree, it's not in the handbook(or police rules) and it shouldn't be a thing to begin with
  3. the trucking job payouts are pure luck doubt you're gonna get anything extra without doing another job
  4. what's the message?
  5. good admins? keirT has never said anything nice to me gray is just. gray i suppose
  6. you can't just Remove the Honk ):

  7. I did say i would see you on the forums 😉

    1. Nomad


      No u

    2. Johnathon Reeds

      Johnathon Reeds

      see you on the forums kid

  8. Nice jobs @devs with the late update here tonight 😉

  9. pretty sure if you leave you get 5 minutes of prio, so just join back within 5 min and you should be good
  10. don't think slawek would mind doing it again(or atleast someone else within NCA)
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