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  1. it's the same for me, i have no real preference, so it could literally go from this to this
  2. headset is fine, has a crack that's been there way before the slap, wire not so much, already bought a new wire once, and admittingly can't be fucked buying a new wire every 2 months lol been looking at the logtich g pro x wireless one, have the wired one, works great, reviews state that they sound alike, also have about 20 hours of battery life(some state closer to 25, take with a pinch of salt) so unless the difference between the 2 is major is there really much point in me switching?
  3. @Gordonnot really, having a mic would be nice but not the end of the world if not. @Isak Vladislavalready had the arctis pros recommended by a fellow norwegian of yours, would be down if prices weren't so high, and other stating it breaks after a year of use(plus minus ofc.)
  4. title basically says it all, looking for a new headset that's wireless for preferably under 180 pounds, as the current own i currently use is sadly beginning to show its age
  5. post has been locked and all comments hidden to keep it clean, and ensuring that it stays at the suggestion rather than here. if poll no longer works because of it, tag/dm me somewhere and ree all you want, i'll sort it
  6. this poll is made in relation to this: Please ensure you've read the options before choosing permission given from @MobExeto make for him
  7. suggest it here https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/593-gtarp/
  8. dw, i'll sue him, got a sms showing him saying yes to it
  9. you still owe me and @Stuarta banana smoothie for our acting. be aware everyone Isak is avoiding payment the coward JK, good job Isak, nice video as always
  10. Look away from this always being biased to your own gang. Marabunta is defo good at RP triads/hustlers/vagos are pretty good at the whole shooting aspect(and RPing where needed)
  11. If astrid doesn't comment on this she doesn't want to be head of park rangers

    1. Nikolai Belski

      Nikolai Belski

      Yeah because I'm the head 😉

    2. Astrid Belski

      Astrid Belski

      "On this" - I win

    3. Nikolai


      i tried


  12. no one said you need to have the weapon out 24/7 during the ordeal?
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