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  1. didn't ciaran talk about it on discord that it was like movable objects that caused most of the lag when it comes to Props
  2. i just want everyone to see this lovely animation, did post it as a status before, but it got buried in border war statuses (don't mind the background noise)
  3. so i went on to look at animations for arma, and found this amazing one 

    don't mind the background noise 🙂


  4. sure did, we destroyed a building, took @Snuffleshostage, overall it was a great day we didn't get our goal to legalize go karts on roads, but we did get some fancy black berets
  5. it's going great for you @sciencefreak74first you get Dev lead, then CC, and now you're an iconic line in a jojo video
  6. i just want to point out, that roadblock's intention wasn't to be blown up, but to legalize go karts on roads
  7. i mean it was part of it clearly, not something i just popped in with out of nowhere
  8. not really power gaming considering atleast one from police knew ron, from when he was in police?
  9. i mean i the end this thread is just gonna cause drama, if you have any issues with how it was done take it to the right places or talk to command of the factions instead don't really see how it's biased towards nothing happening, considering we had a few members get demoted for a bit because of one
  10. nice montage if you don't want the watermark just get davinci resolve it's pretty decent
  11. Brief Summary: just make it so people can't rob places during the border wars, since robbing athira bank gives a good 700-800k without having any risk The Pros: no popup to distract people i guess The Cons: can't think of any but there is probably some Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? no
  12. i mean if you have more proof of them RDM'ing or VDM'ing make another report, or post it here up to you
  13. gotcha Bank/gas station robberies, people can't store money themselves so they just get a friend of theirs to do it, bypassing the wait time and defeating the purpose of trying to do anything as it's already stored only thing i can think about ATM, but i'm sure other people can give more examples
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