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  1. I personally like this idea, my main "issue" with it though is that i have a feeling not that many people are interested in sitting behind a counter at a shop hoping someone will come by to RP with them, otherwise it's a good idea perhaps good enough for a suggestion
  2. i would rather like to see more Money sinks that don't really grant much, but are fun to do
  3. it's now locked for 6 days due to bumping yet another member of the staff team have a read at the unban appeal rules right here before screwing yourself over even more https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Guide:Unban_Appeal
  4. Locked for 3 days due to bumping appeal in discord DMs
  5. some of the places are being sorted, though new business proposals are currently on hold, so just keep a eye out
  6. you don't need to be verified on Teamspeak JFS just means Join For Support, basically another way of getting ahold of staff
  7. it would probably be a better shout to join JFS on TS tomorrow
  8. when a norwegian is bored they do stupid shit
  9. voice changers are allowed as long as they don't sound over the top so to say
  10. i'm not? All i'm saying is that i would rather have a person that doesn't have the spare money to buy such a thing to play, than have a rich person buy it and then come on to provide some "hands up or die" shit as his RP if we look at it money wise both sides of the "spectrum" when it comes to that sort of thing can be quite poor at RP'ing
  11. no it shouldn't, rather have good RP'ers than people that are shit but rich
  12. alot of cats were harmed today, the cat i know was worshipped though
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