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  1. Happy birthday big man!

    1. Drew


      My guy, thank you 👊🏻

  2. Jack Pink had a run-in with some people, looks like he got a bit burnt

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    2. Bowen


      Can't say what I want to say hes looks like irl here, but you know what I mean @Henning Orion


    3. adaco


      Damn, I wonder who would do such a thing 😔

    4. Henning RPUK

      Henning RPUK

      I wonder who could hurt Jack Pink in such a way as well, @adaco! It's very heartless!

  3. 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Happy 21st Birthday TBJ 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  4. @Coozeris doing a subathon! That means that he's gonna keep streaming for a while, the more people subscribe, the longer he'll stream! 


    1. Henning RPUK

      Henning RPUK

      Go sub to him, keep him hostage!


  5. Congrats on staff you norwegian donut, i expect immunity from any ban 😉

    jokes aside, congrats hope you stay for a while

  6. Happy birthday mate!

  7. That is actually such an amazing song
  8. 35 pounds is just a small dent, I had no idea that we pulled up with 800+! That is absolutely amazing! To the next charity stream! I hope we can all get together like this again and raise even more!
  9. Thnak you boys for allowing the Poseidon cartel to waltz in and do a legal case RP with you, even though we had guns and illegally landed helicopters, despite it being a bit weird that we got RDM'd by some random guy, it was still fun when we substituted in Smurfy as our legal case, you kept the RP going and it was really fun! Big ups!
  10. Whenever you jump in the water at Poseidon boats, you die when you hit the water. https://gyazo.com/899760ecc67bd6cf2749e2abc30f6722
  11. Hello! I was the second guy (ID 239). The reason as to why I killed you, was because you went up to me, taking pictures at grove fuel station, before following me, and taking more pictures of me. And then you said you're a pedophile taking pictures of kids, so that's two reasons as to why this is not "RDM". I can upload my point of view if staff requires this. This was all done in RP. As for me being "American" and being from an American RP server, is not correct. I've only ever played here on FiveM, and I come from Arma.
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