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  1. Used to be at least 50 people online at 3am now 2. GTA is great but doesn't have the robbing like Altis has. I remember nervously planning a truck run, sitting in a bush for half hour scoping out the processor then making a run for it hoping no one came. That anxiety was the best part. Then a truck full of gang members show up and a chase begins. I think on GTA I have been held up maybe twice in 1000 hrs. It's just gang beef and searching.
  2. This is taking the P though, queuing for nearly 3 hours to get into the server. Something needs to be done.
  3. Thanks will try that voice thing, it's literally like 20 different people I've heard they can't have all been in my car.
  4. Slippy8

    Licenses bug

    At city hall the complains form and the licenses both share E to activate, so if both E's show up you get stuck on the form and have to relog. Not a good experience for new players buying their first license.
  5. Can hear random voices of people everytime I connect. And when I go to write in text chat, it doesn't show what I wrote after hitting enter. I have cleared fiveM cache and restarted about 6 times.
  6. Hi I have been getting a bug where I keep hearing everyones voices at random, I have tried restarting computer, restarting FiveM, restarting GTA. And also when I push T because I wanted to talk to admin about this none of my text goes through to the text chat it just disappears when I hit enter. Anyone else have this how can I solve it?
  7. I got the animation to work but the character still doesn't swing am I doing something wrong. He just holds in the air, can you get it to swing?
  8. If I leave my vehicle unattended when I come back I can't get back into it even though its unlocked. I have to use a repair kit and then can get back in it. It isn't even a long time, for example I just ran to the gas station then ran back and now can't get in the car.
  9. I think it might be linked to this first person in cars with a weapon thing. But the melee from a motorbike doesn't seem to work anymore. Please bring it back, even if it has to be in first person. Pros: Gives people a way to use melee while chasing or being chased. Makes the melee more powerful against people with guns - dodging bullets by weaving the bike, then coming in to swing at them. No delay to using the melee, you don't have to get out of vehicle, reach in and pull the knife/ machete out you can use instantly. Cons: RDMers could use it and get away before ID is caught. But they do this with guns anyway. Balance: It was already a thing before.
  10. Due to this new interaction wheel, it is not not possible to open the trunk of the Benson which before opened the back door. How am I going to kidnap people now? Please add the Benson back door function back in.
  11. Hi I understand this may be seen as a suggestion not a bug, it depends if it is intentional. Please move to suggestions if it has been done intentionally. The Pacific Standard bank doors swing open when the character walks into them but they are rock solid and don't open when you try and push them with a vehicle. Is this not realistic and is creating an unfair advantage to police. What if we wanted to have a couple of motorbikes ready inside for the escape, it is not implausible or unrealistic to do this. The police have plenty of counters like spike strips, tight road blocks, a police bike unit to pursue. If it is a bug please fix it for these reasons, if it is not a bug please move to suggestions. Many Thanks
  12. Sorry guys I snapped up the Sanchez for like 20k what a bargain.
  13. Hi sometimes if the mechanic boot icon is used over and over too quickly it freezes on the inventory screen. I can animate the character, but can't move and there is no mouse scroller. Have to relog and the vehicle gets impounded.
  14. +1 in the civilian Gym I had about 30 barbells on the floor. Also there was no indication of the current strength level e.g level 10 for melee lockon, how many lifts do we need to do ?
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