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  1. i dont play the game anymore so i can even sell you both of my Mar-10s, but if you just want the mags tell me when you are on teamspeak i can sell you a few
  2. Riad


    Just buy a pistol license and get a pistol, and once you get the pistol message me and I’ll buy it off you for 200k
  3. Why would you buy a garage right next to a free garage????/
  4. Ban wave came in, who were lucky enough?

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    2. Bowen
    3. Fergu
    4. Bowen


      @FerguI meant what game did you get caught doing the baddy bads in?


  5. pretty sure i got more than 2 once, but thats not the point. They are no where near 400k
  6. they are not worth that much anymore, you can legit get like 5 from a single SAF
  7. ill give you 3 mil for 17 suppressors, they are not 550k anymore they go for like 200k
  8. So after Slapping Police let's have some feedback on Border Wars. (according to the zone stats on discord) But on the real note there is a few things that need to happen * The reward for kills should be in the whole entire redzone and not just in the cap point. * The reward for capping should be way more ( poseidon was getting 6k from it) * There should be a limit on how many cops can go, it should be 25v25 or 20v20) *Perhaps increase how many ifrits and hunter cops and poseidon can take out * 1.30 minute cleanup script on vehicles ( 3 minutes on MRAPS) * 1 minute cleanup script on body bags
  9. Honestly I disagree with this, just have rebels choose who they wanna target, and I think rebels will just target both factions.
  10. Thank you devs for this, but honestly stop complaining about gear, if you don’t like it don’t go. ill be playing as Poseidon and rebel and probs spend a lot of money, end of the day we don’t know what to expect. We might loose money or we might make a lot of money Tweaks can be done later, for example increasing the money earned from the zones or reduction of prices in gear sets
  11. As a community we can all agree that these redzones and etc, increased the player base, but obviously some people dont like these gunfights which is totally fine, As people mentioned before there should definitely be some more tools for RP, but also something more to do with the redzones. I think that if the gang wars, border wars or warzone was added it will for sure increase the player base. There is also another thing that was already mentioned , maybe staff should be a bit more careful when giving out bans, because everyone makes mistakes and banning and active member doesnt increase the player base. Maybe at one point when there are more staff available on Altis a mass unban can be held, but there are obviously some exceptions to this.
  12. Its good to see that the things that were suggested and liked by the community got accepted, but I think we are all waiting for the gang wars and the border wars to be accepted

    1. sciencefreak74


      It has been raised to me early this morning that the things posted in under consideration seem to be having an issue and cannot be replied to by regular members even if left unlocked. Those suggestions have only been posted in the last couple days and as is evident they are getting a lot of replies and comments, this is not something I wish to stop while the comments are continuing to be constructive. 

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