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  1. Traash KID! (All love Nate)
  2. As far as I have understood the NPAS hummingbirds that were stolen before the update were reskinned in your garage and are no longer NPAS skinned. I remember Fergu had one and it was reskinned. I could be wrong, but I belive that is the case.
  3. Had some pretty old clips and just wanted to make a montage. Enjoy
  4. Number 1 fan! Plz teach me Butch...
  5. Free gear or not i enjoyed it. N1
  6. Even if you didn't tough the vehicle you still drove so close knowing both arma physics and d-sync does that to a vehicle. And if you didn't mean to do it what was your problem with opening your mouth telling me it was you and why have Loki lie telling me he doesn't know who it was? You were clearly abusing the fact that i couldn't find out who you were while downed. And if it wasn't for Phoenix's stream i probably wouldn't have figured it out.
  7. Report a player Your In-game Name: Tertiary Page Triton Name of the player(s) you are reporting: SI Brandon Pigeon PC loki Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 12/02/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 2340 What best describes this incident ?: VDM, helping people break rules. Please (in detail) describe the incident: I was being chased by police in several MRAPS When i Flip and end in a pit stop. Then Brandon Pigeon hits my vehicle causing it to blow up. I try to ask who it was so i could resolve it, but the person that di
  8. I know this isn't my report, but this clearly is a reoccurring theme:
  9. You might have heard of him if you ever decided to click connect ONLY JOKE! PLZ NO DEMOTE
  10. The rule states "When you are revived/downed" it says nothing about a gunfight.
  11. pretty sure @Spartan Hordeowes me like 10 mill too.. so you better start coughing it up bro.
  12. When I've tried robbing it it told me you needed at least 7 poseidon on to rob the bank, but if it is 7 of both, that should be fixed.
  13. I do wanna say tho @Ji if you are interested in talking now i am still up for it. I have zero grudge against you, but it seemed you were just completely ignoring what you did, but as said.. I am still happy for a talk in liason, since we never got to have one.
  14. Have you got any proof of this occurrence?
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