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  1. its where u buy them massive pizzas
  2. Although i want to say yes, think this might just be because of lockdown number 3, although at the same time devs are doing some cracking work and making the server enjoyable again by the looks of it. And i dont even play arma !
  3. Streaming some Marabunta Grande after the aftermath of Mr Wing Pongs party explosions 


  4. @Keven Stewarthes nicked ur song lad
  5. Could you do it like FiveM where they have a session ID? Not sure how would work in arma 3
  6. D7V6tbJ.png

    El Jefe looks on at the city below

  7. Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/joshua_rpuk Stream Schedule: When i can, most nights and weekends Games Streamed: GTA V (FiveM), DCS , Phasmaphobia and occasionally Arma 3 Link to a previous stream: Most recent stream: Why do you want to join the team: Have been here for over a year now and wanted to get into streaming to boost the audience of RPUK and entertain others within the community, as well as being able to have a laugh with the viewers and provide high quality RP at the same time. Being a very new streamer aswell, i feel the tea
  8. El Jefe is out and about as the Marabunta Grande, come and take a look.


  9. @George Harris@Bowen Orion I dont play arma 3 anymore, i moved over to the FiveM server, but i do still have a sizeable amount in my bank, im happy to give you guys 20 Million to give to this guy as whats happened is abit shit and not a fun thing to have when you join back after a while.
  10. Streaming some backseat F14B on DCS


  11. Streaming some DCS with @Johnathon Reedsand @Lube

    Come and have watch.


  12. Streaming some Marabunta Grande stuff on FiveM. Come and take a look at the best gang in Los Santos 😉


  13. @RobbieI have currently just arrived at work, so I will PM it to you when I am home tonight.
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